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Naagin 6 21 May 2023 Written Story Update

Naagin 6 21 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Prarthana expressing to Raghu the importance of safeguarding their nation’s pride and ensuring it is not dishonored. She rushes towards the missile and discovers that it is set to detonate in five minutes. Realizing the urgency, she determines that she must relocate it from its current location. However, her plans are abruptly interrupted when she detects a distinct aroma in the air, signaling the presence of an imminent danger. Suddenly, an attacker, a naagin, launches a series of relentless assaults on Prarthana. Just as she grapples with the assault, Jeet arrives at the scene. Prarthana catches sight of him and exclaims, “Papa!” Jeet responds, assuring her, “I’m coming, my child.” He swiftly moves towards Trisha, who stands nearby, tenderly holding her face. Trisha addresses him as “Papa,” further confounding Prarthana. She finds it hard to believe what she is witnessing.

Jeet approaches Prarthana and declares that he will assist his daughter when she seeks his help. Overwhelmed with emotion, Prarthana’s eyes well up with tears. Jeet asserts that he will support his real daughter, Trisha. Prarthana, unable to accept this revelation, proclaims that her heart refuses to acknowledge it. Jeet discloses that he is the mastermind behind this conspiracy, asserting that Trisha’s true father stands before them—Professor Jeet Patel. He proclaims his intention to bring ruin upon the nation right in front of Prarthana. Disillusioned and crestfallen, Prarthana states that he was the only one she had in the entire world, and now he has turned out to be an enemy of the nation. She never fathomed that her own father would become a betrayer. Determined, she avows that he has shattered her trust, and she will not rest until she breaks him in return. Rising to her feet, she declares that her grandfather was an adversary of the country, and her mother took his life. A flashback is shown, depicting Pratha killing her own father. The flashback concludes, and Prarthana asserts that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps, sacrificing her father to save the nation.

She declares, “Even if it means sacrificing my loved ones, I will do it.” Suwarna and Ajay approach Raghu, revealing that Professor Jeet is the mastermind behind everything and Trisha’s father. They explain that Jeet had kept them captive, resulting in Ajay’s weakened state due to Mahek’s poison. Raghu is stunned and realizes that Jeet is the true culprit. Worried about Prarthana’s safety, Raghu speculates that Jeet might have gone after her and decides to go help her. He instructs Suwarna and Ajay to take care of the people present and rushes off. Prarthana partially transforms into a naagin in an attempt to kill Professor Jeet Patel, but finds herself unable to attack him, recalling their past moments together. She questions him, asking why he would harm their own country and how he could betray his own nation. Jeet retorts, expressing his dissatisfaction with the country that failed to provide him with respect and honor. Confident in his plans, Jeet asserts that no one can stop him and he will eliminate everyone within three minutes. Prarthana realizes that she must retrieve the Missile and leave. Jeet informs her that she must kill him in order to access the Missile. Overwhelmed, Prarthana seeks guidance from Lord Shiva, unsure of what to do. At that moment, Raghu arrives and tells her that she must fulfill her duty as a Shesh Naagin and save the nation. He emphasizes that this is not a battle between father and daughter, but a fight between right and wrong. Raghu urges her to carry out her duty. Both Raghu and Prarthana transform into their half-naag, half-naagin forms and engage in a fierce battle. Prarthana manages to seize the Missile and makes her escape. Professor Jeet Patel recovers and witnesses Prarthana fleeing with the Missile. Prarthana reaches the Yamuna river with the Missile. Raghu arrives, and she informs him that she must submerge herself deep into the river to ensure that the explosion does not harm the land. However, Mahek appears and declares that Prarthana cannot proceed. Raghu instructs Prarthana to go, reminding her of her promise to return safely. He assures her that he will handle Mahek. Raghu engages in a fight with Mahek while Professor Jeet Patel joins them, calling out Raghu’s name. Utilizing his powers, Raghu immobilizes both Mahek and Jeet and appeals to Lord Shiva to protect his Prarthana. Prarthana reaches the depths of the Yamuna river, and the blast occurs. Raghu is devastated by the sight. Professor Jeet and Mahek rejoice, confident that Prarthana will never return due to the immense power of the Missile, containing the essence of 10,000 snakes. Raghu desperately cries out to Prarthana, pleading for her to come back, reminding her of her promise. The snakes emanating from the Missile surround Prarthana, causing her to collapse. Professor Jeet Patel proclaims Prarthana’s demise, but Raghu remains adamant that she will return. Suddenly, a divine light descends upon the Yamuna, and Prarthana emerges, absorbing all the snake poisons. Raghu welcomes the Shesh Naagin and acknowledges her as the savior of the country, fulfilling her promise and returning for their daughters and family. Prarthana releases Professor Jeet and Mahek, expressing her disappointment in Jeet for destroying the meaning of a father-daughter relationship and shattering her heart and hopes. She proclaims that although he saw her as a daughter before, today he will witness the power of the Shesh Naagin within her. Determined, Prarthana vows to destroy her country’s enemies and seek vengeance. Prarthana Jeet Patel rises and declares that his other daughter, Trisha, will fulfill his mission, which Prarthana had inadvertently ruined. Mahek smirks, stating that they were aware Prarthana would do something unexpected.

Suwarna informed Ajay that the felicitation ceremony had concluded and they needed to ensure everyone’s safe exit from the premises. However, they encountered a locked door. A guard arrived and stated that none of the doors were opening. Trisha appeared and revealed that she had closed all the doors as instructed by her father. Suwarna dismissed Trisha’s actions, claiming that Prarthana had already neutralized the missile. In response, Prarthana grabbed Mahek by the neck and questioned Trisha’s intentions. Trisha contacted Jeet Patel, explaining the situation and seeking guidance. Jeet Patel advised her to close her eyes and recall the moments spent with her family. He assured her of her parents’ deep love. Confused, Trisha noticed her locket being highlighted and wondered about her father’s words. Raghu interrupted, inquiring about the commotion. Mahek revealed that they had prepared a backup plan, mentioning the destruction of the first plan and hinting at a second one. Raghu demanded an explanation, and Professor Jeet intervened, revealing that their daughter, Trisha, was part of their strategy. He recalled instructing Trisha to go inside and secure all the doors and windows before fleeing with the missile. He revealed that they had injected Trisha with a potent poison and placed her amidst a gathering of esteemed individuals and VIPs from around the world, including their enemies’ families. Mahek expressed their willingness to sacrifice their daughter for the mission’s success, which would ultimately lead to the ruin of their country. Prarthana scorned Raghu, accusing him of being disloyal to their real daughter as well. Raghu and Prarthana hurriedly left to stop Trisha. Suwarna implored Trisha to share her plan and their next course of action. Trisha closed her eyes, recalling Professor Jeet Patel’s words, and suddenly understood their plan. Professor Jeet and Mahek initiated the countdown. Trisha’s pendant glowed and turned green, catching Suwarna’s attention. The countdown continued, and an explosion ensued. Mahek and Jeet sat down while Prarthana and Raghu, shocked by the blast, rushed inside and encountered the green smoke.

Prarthana makes a shocking discovery when she notices a snake symbol on everyone’s hands. Purvika and Meher admit that they concealed themselves to escape the blast. Prarthana deduces that nothing happened to Suwarna, Purvika, and Meher because they are naagins, realizing that the attack was no ordinary one but a chemical assault. Concerned, Meher inquires about her parents. Suwarna reveals that all the individuals who came from other countries are also facing the same problem, which could tarnish the reputation of their nation. Deeply concerned, Prarthana implores Shiv ji for strength to restore everyone’s well-being. Promptly, they rush everyone to the hospital. Prarthana urges Suwarna to accompany them to seek medical assistance.

At the hospital, Prashant discloses that the chemical agent causes blood to freeze, leading to a slow and agonizing death. Prarthana implores him to intervene. Prashant explains that he can only help if she retrieves the antidote formula, which is likely in the lab. They swiftly make their way to the lab and discover a red diary. Mahek and Jeet arrive on the scene just as Prarthana accidentally drops the diary on the floor. To their dismay, the professor declares that Prarthana will only save people if she possesses the diary, and he proceeds to set it ablaze. Unfazed, Prarthana, being a Shesh naagin capable of reading minds with her third eye, catches hold of him with her tail. Mahek encourages her to fight him first, and Prarthana swiftly incapacitates him, forcing him to the ground. Using her unique ability, she extracts the formula from his mind and swiftly departs with Raghu.

Meanwhile, Meher and Purvika keep a watchful eye on Ajay, while Suwarna reassures them that their powerful mother will save everyone.

The reporter inquires about who will provide answers. Professor Jeet arrives, wearing a mask, and informs the reporters that Suwarna, Purvika, and Meher are safe because they are naagins (shape-shifting snake women). He reveals that they created the virus and managed to protect themselves from its effects. He suggests calling the snake charmers to play the flute. After conveying this, he departs. The reporters approach Suwarna and the girls and contemplate contacting the snake charmers to break the news. Mahek praises Jeet Patel for plotting to have the Shesh naagin’s family killed by their own people.

Prarthana and Raghu approach Prashant and provide him with a formula. Prashant agrees to create an antidote but requests their poison, as the virus was derived from their daughters’ venom. Prarthana agrees to provide the poison, but Prashant explains that he needs the poison from all the snakes involved in the virus, as extracting all the poison might endanger their survival.

The reporters deceive Suwarna and the girls, urging them to go and have something to eat. They instruct them to go to a room, but Suwarna hesitates. The girls express their hunger, and Suwarna promises to feed them. The reporters reveal their true intentions, stating that they have a major breaking news story. The girls enter the room, but the door is locked. Purvika realizes that there is no food inside. Suwarna finds this suspicious. Soon, the snake charmers, Jeet, and Mahek arrive with the reporters. The snake charmers start playing the flute. Suwarna realizes that it is a conspiracy to expose their true identities. Professor Jeet smirks. Mahek remains unaffected by the flute’s sound and confidently asserts that Prarthana’s daughter’s true form will be revealed, and no one can save them. Suwarna warns the girls not to reveal their naagin avatars in front of everyone.

Prarthana explains that they are willing to sacrifice their lives and offers their poison to create the antidote. Raghu adds that they are prepared to die for their country. Prarthana emphasizes that innocent lives and the pride of their nation should be protected. Prashant assures them that he will make the necessary arrangements.

[Episode End]

Precap : Prarthana acquires Lord Shiva’s divine trishul and hurls it towards Mahek with great force. The trishul finds its mark, piercing Mahek’s neck, causing a severe injury.

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