Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Jai observing Vidhi’s diligent work. The manager informs him that Vidhi is striving because she wishes to go out. Jai requests Vidhi to bring Raab’s dream project files. Vidhi promptly retrieves the files and presents them to him. Jai conveys that they have an important meeting to attend, which requires nearly two hours to reach. Vidhi discloses that she has plans to go out with Dev. Concerned about the significance of the meeting with clients, Jai expresses his inability to take risks with his dream project. He contemplates canceling the project altogether. However, Vidhi opposes this notion. Jai assures her that he can drop her off in time and implores her to expedite the meeting. Vidhi contacts Dev and notifies him that she will be attending a meeting with Jai, to which he requests her to meet him at the designated time. Meanwhile, Amba is getting ready, convinced that Dev is finally going to meet her.

Vidhi participates in the meeting while occasionally checking the time. Amba ruminates on the doctor’s words. Jai informs Vidhi that he has arranged a cab for her and insists she accepts the offer. He calls his assistant, pretends to cough, and Vidhi promptly brings him a glass of water. Jai then informs Vidhi that he is waiting outside. Jai strategizes that Vidhi will not have the opportunity to meet Dev on this day. Coincidentally, Dev calls Vidhi at that moment, and she informs him that she is about to take her cab. Jai instructs the driver to return and intentionally gets hit by him. Vidhi becomes terrified upon witnessing Jai’s injured state and quickly takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Amba questions Dev about why Vidhi did not accompany him as they had planned. Vidhi realizes that her phone’s battery has drained and it has switched off. Amba accuses Dev of lacking respect since Vidhi did not show up. The doctor informs Vidhi that they need to scan Jai’s leg to determine the severity of the injury. Jai reminisces about the moment when he offered money to cause the accident, hoping to prevent Vidhi from meeting Dev.

Jai urges Vidhi to depart, but she refuses, stating that she cannot leave him alone in his current state. In response, he suggests that she reach out to his assistant. Vidhi, however, reassures him that she will stay by his side. Meanwhile, Amba attempts to incite Dev against Vidhi, claiming that she disregards his words. Dev dismisses her pointless banter, asserting that she will be dealt with accordingly. He insists on speaking to her in the presence of Vidhi or, if necessary, bringing her to their location. Amba grabs Dev’s hand and implores him not to leave, vowing to harm him if he does. She accuses him of consistently breaking promises and pleads for him not to punish her in such a manner. In response, Dev questions her sanity, to which Amba requests five minutes to speak.

Subsequently, a nurse asks Vidhi to purchase medicine for Jai, prompting her to leave the room. Jai contemplates that Vidhi will begin to think of him differently and devises a plan to separate her from Dev. Meanwhile, Amba informs Dev that she is willing to do anything for the sake of Chithra’s safety. Dev clarifies that he remains with her for the well-being of Chithra. Vidhi tries to contact Dev, but his phone is unreachable. Amba grows impatient and expresses her desire to become a mother to his child, leading Dev to raise his hand as if to strike her. In the midst of the turmoil, Vidhi consoles Jai. Amba persists in provoking Dev, asking him to slap her and emphasizing her longing for a child. She claims to have done everything for him and argues that if he refuses to be with her, he should at least grant her the gift of their child. Tearfully, she pleads with him, while Dev harshly rebukes her, asserting that she has completely lost touch with reality.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dev, filled with anger, will confront Vidhi directly. After their intense conversation, Dev will proceed to hand over his resignation letter to Jai.

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