Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Vidhi urging Dev to evaluate the product and provide an honest review. Expressing his pride, Dev acknowledges this as a significant moment, launching a menstrual kit under his wife’s name. He explains to Vidhi that in business, there should always be a purpose behind a name. He encourages them to select a name that resonates with the product. Vidhi assures him that she will consult him about it. Chithra then requests Vidhi for Jai’s contact number as they plan a school reunion. Vidhi promptly shares the number with her.

Dev notices Vidhi’s joy and subsequently avoids Amba. Bewildered, Amba confronts him, inquiring why he is intentionally avoiding her. She expresses her desire to have a brief conversation, setting aside business matters. Dev reveals that Amba is responsible for causing damage to his family, and hence, he cannot spend time with her. Amba believes that Dev must listen to her side of the story. Later, Vidhi meets Jai and informs him that Dev proposed changing the product’s name to establish a stronger connection. Jai questions whether Vidhi considers him or Dev as her boss. Vidhi clarifies that it was merely a suggestion made by Dev, intended for the betterment of their company. Jai asserts that he knows what is best for the company. Vidhi explains that she merely shared Dev’s suggestions with him.

Jai confides in Vidhi, claiming that the old man she married is envious of her. He expresses that her achievements make him jealous, as she accomplishes everything under his guidance. Curious, Vidhi inquires if he said something to the old man. Jai suddenly realizes that he had imagined the entire conversation and swiftly lies to Vidhi, dismissing the matter. Vidhi accepts his excuse and forgives him. Meanwhile, Kaushik conveys to Dev that Jai once again demonstrated that Amba is unworthy of being a board member in their company. Dev disagrees, believing that regardless of Amba’s wrongdoings, she should not be treated poorly. He shares his plan with Kaushik.

In the meantime, Jai watches Vidhi through a CCTV camera and contemplates spreading false news about Dev on social media to drive a wedge between Vidhi and Dev. Jai secretly admires Vidhi and instructs his staff to send her to his cabin in fifteen minutes. Vidhi realizes that office hours are over and notifies the staff. She requests them to allow her to meet Jai and then leave.

Vidhi patiently waits for Jai in his cabin, while Jai pretends to gaze at his father’s photograph. Vidhi asks if he misses his father, to which Jai hands her a bonus, explaining that he intends to give it to all his employees. Vidhi commends him for his thoughtfulness towards his employees. Jai frequently rewards his employees with gifts and bonuses as a form of appreciation. Vidhi informs Jai that if there’s no work to be done, she will take her leave. The manager brings food for Jai, expressing concern that he hasn’t eaten for four days, warning him of the consequences on his health. Jai retorts, stating that no one would care if anything happened to him. Vidhi reminds him that Raab wouldn’t be pleased to see him in such a state. Jai admits that he cannot eat alone, and Vidhi offers to keep him company. Delighted, Jai invites her to have a meal with him, but Vidhi declines, stating that she will dine with Dev. Jai assumes that Vidhi empathizes with his pain, while Vidhi is determined to keep her promise to Raab.

Meanwhile, Dev explains his business ideas to Bimla and Hariprasad when Abhimanyu informs them about a lucrative tender. Dev cautions against sharing the information with Vidhi, as her company is a competitor. Elsewhere, Chithra and Jai find themselves at a coffee shop, where Vickram appears and causes a scene. Jai intervenes, warning Vickram to stay away from Chithra and threatening to file a complaint if he continues to trouble her. Later, Chithra returns home and recounts the incident to Raichand and others. Vidhi expresses gratitude to Jai for his assistance, acknowledging his help.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amba intends to send a video message to Dev, which catches the attention of Vidhi. Dev, upon learning of this, expresses his disapproval, stating that Amba is exceeding her boundaries. Despite Dev’s objection, Amba remains determined to meet him in person. Subsequently, a secretary reassures Jai about completing her tasks.

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