Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16 May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 16 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Amba reminiscing about the humiliation she endured in front of the media. The warden hands Amba her food, but Amba expresses her concerns about its lack of hygiene. From this point, the warden responds, stating that the food provided is the only option available. Amba is left with the choice to either eat the food or go hungry for the entire night. Frustrated, she wipes her sweating brow with her saree and requests at least to have the fan turned on. Durga, in a mocking tone, asks Amba if she should also turn on the AC for her, reminding her that this is a jail, not a mansion meant for comfort. Amba asserts that Durga’s actions are unjust. In response, Durga informs Amba that there has been only one complaint against her so far. However, if there are a few more reports, Durga vows to ensure that Amba remains trapped in this jail. Amba becomes even more frustrated upon hearing this threat. Soon after, a constable informs Amba that someone has come to meet her. Vidhi enters and begins mocking Amba, remarking that Amba probably didn’t anticipate ending up in this situation. Amba retorts, expressing her determination to seek revenge once she is released from jail. Vidhi asserts that Amba will never leave this place, as she is paying for her sins and being punished accordingly. Vidhi challenges Amba, affirming that Amba will have to face the consequences of her actions.

Amba referred to Vidhi as a beggar, to which Vidhi responded by saying that she is the true beggar in her own life. No matter how much she pleads to God, she is met with punishment in return—it seems to be her destined path. Despite this, she acknowledges that God’s blessings have allowed her to catch a glimpse of the sky and the outside world. In contrast, Amba is akin to a bird trapped in a cage, unable to break free from her confinement.

Amba asserts that Vidhi cannot triumph over her, but Vidhi counters by stating that she will not allow Amba to emerge victorious this time. As Amba remains confined to her place, Vidhi encourages her to find solace and comfort within those walls.

Later, Priya initiates a video call with Vidhi, expressing her belief that truth ultimately prevails. She confides that she feels safe in her current household, experiencing genuine happiness for the first time. Simi chimes in, expressing her longing for Vidhi’s presence. However, their conversation is interrupted when Dev arrives, prompting Priya to end the call abruptly.

Dev confronts Vidhi, emphasizing that he has given her numerous opportunities. In response, Vidhi implores him not to mistreat their family. She takes a stand in support of Priya and questions Dev’s preparedness for his upcoming speech. Dev casually dismisses her concerns, stating that it’s not a big deal, before proceeding to share the concept of his speech with her.

Vidhi informs him that she has diligently prepared for his speech, emphasizing that it is no small feat. In light of this, she presents him with a special gift—a brand-new shirt. Curious about the source of funds for the purchase, Dev inquires where she obtained the money. Vidhi candidly reveals that she bought it for him as an expression of her love. Privately, Vidhi recollects resorting to a gold loan to acquire the shirt, fearing that Dev would not let the matter rest if he discovered the truth.

Later, Satyavati seeks blessings in the temple and bestows her blessings upon Dev. Abhimanyu and Chithra commend his new shirt, prompting Dev to once again question Vidhi about its origin. Satyavati, perturbed by his persistent inquiries, questions why he is prying so much. Meanwhile, Chithra experiences dizziness, explaining that she has been feeling unwell since morning. Dev requests Vidhi to accompany Chithra to the speech, but Vidhi declines, sensing that something is amiss and feeling unsettled. She insists on not going with him, convinced that negative vibes surround the situation. However, Dev manages to persuade her to accompany him, and they set off together, receiving Satyavati’s blessings.

Meanwhile, Dev’s student engages in a discussion about the guest details and expresses disappointment when inviting Dev Raichand. Despite this, he attempts to convince others of Dev’s worth. Eventually, Dev and Vidhi arrive at the venue. Dev reminds Raichand to maintain a professional demeanor, stressing the importance of arriving early for the speech. Subsequently, he is welcomed onto the stage. Amidst the proceedings, Bimla repeatedly calls Dev, leaving him disappointed with his own behavior. Apologizing, Dev asks Vidhi to answer the call on his behalf and departs. Reflecting on the situation, Vidhi resolves to deliver a better speech than Dev.

[Episode End]

Precap : A fire breaks out at Hariprasad’s house, engulfing it in flames.

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