Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Vidhi diligently preparing for an important meeting while her colleagues engage in gossip about her. They question how she will handle the upcoming meeting. Vidhi firmly believes that she is there for her work and must concentrate on it. As she observes Koyal appearing downcast, Vidhi inquires about the reason behind her mood. Koyal reveals that she is suffering from a headache. Concerned, Vidhi suggests that Koyal should take some rest. However, Koyal expresses apprehension, fearing that Jai will taunt her if she takes a break during work hours. Just then, Vidhi notices Jai’s presence in the vicinity.

Jai reprimands his staff for wasting their time gossiping about others, emphasizing that he does not pay them for such behavior. He instructs them to focus on their work. Vidhi takes the opportunity to approach Jai and informs him that Koyal is unwell, urging him to allow her to rest. Jai dismisses the request, asserting that Koyal can attend the meeting after taking medication. He reminds everyone that, as the company owner, he holds the authority to make decisions. Challenging Jai, Vidhi asserts her position as the head of the team, emphasizing her authority to decide who should attend the meeting. She explains that she cannot effectively concentrate on the meeting in her current state. Vidhi assures Jai that both he and she are capable of handling the meeting successfully.

In a different setting, Satyavati expresses her concerns to Dev about agreeing to let Vidhi pursue her job. She laments that Vidhi returns home late and continues working into the night, finding it challenging to balance her family and professional responsibilities. Dev consoles her, suggesting that Vidhi needs time to adjust and adapt. Satyavati points out that Dev, despite also having led a company, never troubled anyone by working late into the night. Dev explains that Jai is different from him and operates according to the demands of the current business environment, with a significant generation gap separating their perspectives. Satyavati contends that Vidhi also has a family, but Jai fails to understand the challenges she faces. Dev promises to speak with Vidhi about the issue.

Meanwhile, Amba seeks advice from a doctor, emphasizing their friendship. The doctor advises Amba to heed her counsel, explaining that Amba needs to prioritize family planning promptly as she faces difficulties in becoming a mother.

Afterward, Vidhi and Jai make their way to the meeting. Unfortunately, Jai’s presentation fails to impress the clients, resulting in their dissatisfaction and rejection. Aware that numerous opportunities are at stake, Vidhi realizes that allowing this project to slip away would be a mistake. Determined to salvage the situation, she intervenes and engages in a calm conversation with the clients. Through her persuasive communication, Vidhi manages to win them over and convinces them to reconsider. She eloquently expresses her ideas, demonstrating her understanding of their needs.

Meanwhile, Dev is busy explaining his business plan to Bimla and Abhimanyu. Bimla expresses her admiration for the plan and reveals their own intentions of expanding the business. However, Dev admits his fear of taking on this venture alone. Sensing his hesitation, Abhimanyu offers his unwavering support, reassuring Dev that they can embark on this journey together and achieve success. Dev appreciates the support and assures them that he will also provide assistance when needed.

Simultaneously, Vidhi continues to share her ideas with the clients. To her surprise, they confess that they had doubted anyone’s ability to truly comprehend their perspective until now. They acknowledge that Vidhi seems to genuinely understand their requirements and eventually agree to entrust the project to her and her team. While Vidhi’s success impresses the clients, Jai’s disappointment is evident as he realizes he was unable to achieve the same impact.

Later, Jai approaches Vidhi and comments on her ability to captivate everyone’s attention. Curious about his opinion, Vidhi expresses her desire to have a conversation with him, to gauge if he is receptive to her ideas. She emphasizes that her background, growing up in a middle-class family, has honed her understanding of others’ needs, perhaps better than Jai’s. Vidhi proceeds to elaborate on her thoughts and perspectives, hoping to bridge the gap between them.

Meanwhile, Bimla suggests that Dev should contact Vidhi and invites everyone to have a snack together. However, despite multiple attempts to reach her, Dev fails to get in touch with Vidhi. He resorts to calling the office number instead, unaware that Jai deliberately kept the phone away from her. Jai believes that Vidhi’s talent is being wasted in their current environment.

In another part of the office, Amba is signing a random file, catching Yogesh’s attention. Perplexed, he inquires about the situation. Amba explains that she received a call instructing her to sign the file. This revelation worries Yogesh, as he suspects he might have unknowingly become entangled in a problematic situation.

As time passes, Jai purposely delays Vidhi’s departure, keeping her waiting. Meanwhile, Dev arrives at the office, only to find it empty and devoid of any employees. Jai, visibly annoyed by Dev’s presence, instructs him to wait outside, further exacerbating the tension between them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi intends to notify everyone about the discontent directed towards her due to her job.

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