Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Simi expressing to Satyavati that she is missing Vidhi. Vidhi and Dev arrive home, and Vidhi apologizes for being late. Chithra tells Vidhi that she wishes to taste her cooking and is proud to see her as the head of the office. Priya informs Vidhi that they saw Chithra’s baby, which makes Vidhi happy. Satyavati mentions that she missed a joyous moment due to her job, causing Vidhi to feel hurt. Later, Dev is on the phone with Kaushik, discussing something that Amba shouldn’t find out about. Priya suggests an idea to him, mentioning that they should take the same route as Amba to get closer to her. Dev tells her that she was the one who was with Amba first, and they trusted her, making it easier. However, reaching Amba will be challenging. Priya suggests that they need to make a clever move against her.

Later, Dev notices Vidhi crying and asks her what happened. Vidhi explains that she is working for the betterment of their family but everyone is angry with her for it. Dev consoles her, reminding her that the family is united because of her and advises her to balance both family and office equally. Vidhi assures him that she understands and won’t miss any opportunity to take care of her family.

Afterward, Vidhi prepares everything for the next morning’s breakfast, but she falls asleep with her head on the dining table. Dev realizes the extent of Vidhi’s efforts for the family. Satyavati, on the other hand, believes that Vidhi is always engrossed in her work and neglecting the family. She decides to talk to Dev about it. Dev takes her to bed, and Satyavati expresses her concerns, mentioning that she broke traditions for her daughter-in-law and is happy to see her children leading a content life. However, she doesn’t want the family to fall apart again and wishes for them to eat together. Dev comforts her, explaining that Vidhi is under pressure from her job, and Satyavati needs to understand her situation.

Dev awakens to find Vidhi absent from their shared space. He discovers that she is engrossed in performing the pooja. Dev greets everyone present and expresses his salutations. Vidhi, embodying thoughtfulness, serves breakfast to each individual according to their preferences. Satyavati, deeply impressed by Vidhi’s gestures, invites her to join them for the meal. However, Vidhi expresses her intention to eat at the office, leaving Satyavati feeling disappointed. In response, Vidhi assures Dev that she will return home in due time to have dinner together.

Later, Bimla approaches Vidhi, complaining that she has forgotten about her parents since starting her job. Bimla suggests that even if Vidhi is busy, she should at least call them once a day. Vidhi sincerely apologizes and explains that Jai is always preoccupied with his business, prioritizing it above everything else. Bimla remarks that this is how he has always been. She then invites Vidhi to have a gathering at her house on Sunday, an invitation that Vidhi accepts, assuring her that she will make it happen.

Meanwhile, the manager assigns new files to Koyal, who feels overwhelmed by her current workload and expresses her inability to handle the additional tasks. The manager informs her that Jai specifically requested her assistance. Koyal, feeling unwell, tells him she needs to speak with Jai about it. Realizing the importance of supporting her team, Vidhi engages in a conversation with the manager. She decides to talk to Jai about Koyal’s situation, although Koyal believes it would be a waste of time. Hariprasad questions Bimla about her failure to arrange a particular package, to which she responds by expressing disinterest in providing prasad packets to the seafood company. Hariprasad reminds her that Raab had entrusted them with their first order. However, Bimla states that Raab is no longer alive and believes they should discontinue the practice, fearing it may lead to a family dispute. Hariprasad consoles her, offering reassurance.

Vidhi confronts Jai about his negligence towards women’s health and highlights the challenges women face during their menstrual cycles. She explains the situation to him, prompting him to inquire about potential solutions. Aware that granting four days of leave is impractical, Vidhi suggests creating a female-friendly environment for everyone. Impressed by her idea, Jai agrees to implement it. Amba, lost in her thoughts, encounters Yogesh, who approaches her for a conversation. Later, Bimla presents her new products to everyone, providing detailed explanations. The group decides to organize a get-together party, though Hariprasad initially hesitates. Dev convinces him to join in. Finally, Amba confides in Yogesh, expressing her concern that no one fears her. Yogesh encourages her not to give up.

[Episode End]

Precap : Kaushik will communicate to Amba that he has sold her shares to Dev.

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