Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Satyavati inquiring about Chithra’s well-being. Chithra responds, recounting her visit to a coffee shop with Jai, where Vickram caused trouble. Chithra acknowledges that Jai came to her rescue, ensuring her safe return home. Expressing gratitude, Vidhi thanks Jai for his heroic act, considering him a true superhero. Satyavati acknowledges Jai’s role in saving her daughter, while Dev struggles to find the words to convey his gratitude.

Jai reveals to everyone that Chithra is his childhood friend, and he shares a professional connection with Vidhi. He expresses his happiness in being able to assist them, bringing a smile to Chithra’s face. Vidhi agrees with Priya’s assessment that Jai brings happiness to Chithra’s life, prompting Satyavati to offer her agreement as well.

Later, Amba records a video message for Dev and sends it to him. Vidhi notices this and questions Dev about it. He explains that Amba frequently sends him such messages and proceeds to narrate the incidents that transpired in the office. He confesses his uncertainty about Amba’s expectations and informs Vidhi that he plans to have a conversation with her in Vidhi’s presence.

Vidhi takes the wheel and begins driving the car, receiving appreciation from Dev for her driving skills. They both return home, where Satyavati informs Dev about pending bills. Dev reveals that the funds haven’t been transferred to his account yet. However, Vidhi surprises them by revealing that she has paid the bills using her bonus amount. Satyavati initially expresses concern about Vidhi utilizing her own money, but eventually commends her and expresses pride in her daughter-in-law’s accomplishments. Meanwhile, Kaushik conducts an interview with Sakshi.

She attends the interview and discloses her husband’s criminal background. Kaushik informs her that he cannot offer her the job based on this information. Sakshi attempts to explain her situation to him and hands her resume to Dev. She voices her frustration to him, expressing her talent and desire to join the company despite the obstacles. However, she faces rejection due to her husband’s mistakes. Dev firmly believes that she should not be punished for her husband’s actions and decides to offer her the job. Kaushik questions Dev’s decision, asking why he appointed Sakshi despite her criminal background. He expresses concerns about potential revenge from Amba or Yogesh through Sakshi. Dev explains that he intentionally hired her, as her presence could be beneficial if Amba or Yogesh try to manipulate her into obtaining fake information. Kaushik appreciates the strategy.

Meanwhile, Sakshi informs Jai that the job has been secured and requests him to transfer the payment to her account. Jai insists on building trust and asks her to share information with him. Sakshi warns Jai that she will expose the truth to Dev if he crosses her. Jai expresses his need for all the business details, as he aims to liberate Vidhi from Amba’s control over her life. He assures Sakshi that he will fulfill his promise of giving her the money. Sakshi expresses her gratitude towards Jai for his support.

At the same time, Kaushik questions Dev about his decision to hire Sakshi, considering her criminal background and the possibility of her being sent by Amba or Yogesh for revenge. He advises Dev against blindly trusting anyone, referring to a previous experience. Dev explains that he intentionally appointed her, believing that if Amba or Yogesh did send her, they would provide false information, which could be valuable to them. Kaushik acknowledges and appreciates Dev’s strategic thinking.

Meanwhile, Yogesh informs Amba that the board members have sent her a notice, declaring her unfit for the head position. Yogesh urges her to respond and suggests that she appoint him as the Managing Director of her office. Amba recalls the doctor’s words and expresses her desire to meet Dev. She complains about Dev blocking her on his phone and insists on meeting him, considering it a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

Yogesh advises Amba to review the notice, further adding to her sense of being in a difficult situation. Meanwhile, Vidhi shares her idea with Jai. Bimla discusses her ideas with Hariprasad and Priya. Vidhi expresses her idea to Jai, emphasizing the importance of health. Abhimanyu appreciates Bimla’s idea, and Jai also commends Vidhi’s suggestion. He assures her that he will determine the appropriate pricing. Bimla suggests setting a lower price so that more people can afford the products. Priya proposes discussing the plan with Dev.

Dev discusses his plan with Kaushik, while Sakshi sends a message to Jai. Jai questions Vidhi if she stole her husband’s ideas to advance in her career.

[Episode End]

Precap : Abhimanyu will express to Vidhi that this is his inaugural tender, marking a significant milestone in his life. He earnestly seeks her blessings for success. Meanwhile, Jai, driven by the desire to protect Vidhi from Raichand, realizes that attending the meeting is crucial. With determination, he requests Vidhi to accompany him. To her astonishment, Vidhi discovers her own family members present at the meeting.

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