Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Jai’s introduction of his latest products at a press conference. He proudly acknowledges Vidhi as the source of this brilliant idea and expresses his gratitude for her contribution. The audience applauds Vidhi for her ingenuity. In the meantime, Dev arrives with food for everyone, and Priya apologizes to Sharma for her past rudeness. Bimla warmly embraces Priya, considering her as her own daughter. Dev and Priya express their happiness at Sharma’s presence during the event.

Jai takes Vidhi to his office cabin and commends her for her exceptional creativity. He admits that he has never come across such innovative ideas before, attributing their success to her influence. Vidhi’s perspective has truly opened his eyes, leading him to launch the Sthreevidhi product. Jai believes that Vidhi is delighted, to which she responds by expressing her deep honor and gratitude towards him. However, Jai insists that she need not thank him, as she deserves all the credit. He mentions how their late friend, Raab, would have been immensely proud to witness their achievements. As a token of appreciation, Jai presents Vidhi with a small gift. Curious, Vidhi inquires about its contents, prompting Jai to encourage her to open it. To her astonishment, she discovers her very own car inside.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group eagerly awaits Vidhi’s return. Simi, feeling sleepy, is escorted away by Abhimanyu. Sharma announces that they will be taking their leave. Dev expresses his gratitude to them for joining them in the celebration. Chithra seeks their blessings, and Satyavati approaches Dev, expressing her desire to have a friendly conversation with him.

She is fully aware that her actions are unintentional. It’s crucial to communicate to her that he is waiting for her at home. He advises her accordingly. Vidhi, curious, asks Jai about the purpose of the call. Jai responds that it’s intended for her. However, Vidhi declines the offer, refusing to accept the car or money from him. Jai insists that she has done numerous things for the company and deserves it. Vidhi expresses her happiness for his recognition but declines the material gifts, stating that she doesn’t know how to drive. She informs Jai that she’s running late and needs to leave. In the meantime, Dev finds himself lost in his thoughts and eventually falls asleep. Vidhi returns home, feeling guilty for being late and worrying about what others might think of her. To her surprise, she discovers Dev sleeping in a seated position. She apologizes to him, and he assures her that he understands her work pressure. He asks if she has eaten anything, and they both leave to have dinner.

Jai examines his products while reminiscing about his moments with Vidhi. He realizes that he has fallen in love with her. Meanwhile, Vidhi and Dev engage in a conversation simultaneously. Dev urges Vidhi to speak first. Vidhi explains to Dev that Jai hurriedly took her away to launch a new product, which he liked—an innovative menstrual kit. Dev asks her to guess the product’s name, and Vidhi reveals it to him, making him proud. Dev inquires about Jai’s motive behind launching this particular product, and Vidhi narrates the events that transpired at the office. Dev appreciates her efforts, and Vidhi expresses her happiness about contributing to working women. She asks Dev if something is bothering him, and he recalls Amba’s behavior towards Vidhi. Realizing that Vidhi is in a good mood, he decides not to spoil it and lies to her, saying he forgot about it. Vidhi, grateful for his support, mentions that she considers him the best and is willing to do anything for him.

Dev remains lost in his thoughts, and Vidhi asks if she should inform Bimla about the topic they discussed. Dev informs her that Bimla was disappointed with her office work and suggests talking to them once to help them understand. Vidhi notices Dev’s distraction and asks what’s bothering him. Dev explains what transpired at the office, but Vidhi falls asleep. He thinks about her innocence and hard work. Meanwhile, Jai, missing his father, imitates him and makes a late-night call to Vidhi. Dev urges Vidhi to answer the call. Jai urgently asks Vidhi to meet him at 5 am and hangs up. Vidhi informs Dev about the call and Dev offers to accompany her. Jai believes that Dev comprehends his intentions and is determined to save Vidhi from her family.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi will disclose to Jai that she had never driven the car previously. Jai will remind her that she is residing in the 21st century and needs to acquire driving skills. Just then, Dev will give her a call. Jai will advise Vidhi to focus on her driving. As they converse, Dev will overhear their exchange. When a truck approaches, they will loudly call out each other’s names.

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