Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Dev informing Chithra that they completed their tasks before Vidhi came back, so she can take a class with him. In response, Chithra requests him to buy a street ice cream for her. Dev expresses concern over its unhealthy nature, but Chithra playfully complains to her baby about her strict uncle. Eventually, Dev gives in and purchases the ice cream for her, subsequently pacifying the baby.

Chithra then teasingly suggests that they should plan for a baby, imagining a sibling for their child. Dev playfully urges her to stop teasing him.

Later on, Hariprasad confides in Bimla, sharing his emotional distress. Dev advises Satyavati that experiencing vomiting sensations during the first trimester of pregnancy is normal, and he inquires about what’s bothering her. Satyavati reveals her concern about Vidhi, who hasn’t returned home and isn’t responding to calls or messages.

Hariprasad expresses his fear that Vidhi’s family will be disappointed in her, emphasizing that she should not hurt her loved ones. Bimla reassures him, expressing her belief in Vidhi’s understanding nature and the blessings of Devi Milapini, assuring that everything will be fine.

Curious about Vidhi’s whereabouts, Chithra asks Dev when she will return home. Satyavati questions if Vidhi is often late like she was today. Dev explains that it’s Vidhi’s first day of work, suggesting that she might be dealing with a heavy workload.

Simi enters the scene, bringing food and mentioning that she cooked it for everyone.

Priya arrives with the food and serves it to everyone. She asks them about the surprise they had planned. Abhimanyu also brings food to the gathering. Just then, Vidhi arrives, and Simi happily embraces her. Simi asks when Vidhi arrived, and Vidhi explains that she wanted to surprise them. Satyavati suggests that Vidhi join them for dinner and enjoy the meal together.

Meanwhile, Jai is seen drinking alcohol and reminiscing about Vidhi’s words. He checks her presentation and realizes that it’s impeccable. He acknowledges her many talents but feels that the Raichand family doesn’t allow her to reach her full potential. Jai wishes to call her and discuss their current project.

Priya expresses her desire to utilize Abhimanyu’s cooking skills and start a business. Dev appreciates her idea and offers to help his brother’s venture. He suggests partnering with Bimla, an experienced cook. Priya thinks it’s a great idea, as she believes Bimla has a magical touch in the kitchen.

Jai tries to call Vidhi, but she doesn’t answer his call. Satyavati advises Vidhi to focus on enjoying dinner with her family instead of discussing business matters. She emphasizes the importance of family time.

Vidhi explains that her phone was switched off and reassures Satyavati that everything is fine. Satyavati mentions that Vidhi should have taken Chithra to the hospital, but understands the work pressure that prevented her from doing so. Vidhi apologizes for the situation. Jai becomes increasingly frustrated that he can’t reach her, thinking that she isn’t taking the business seriously. Dev defends Vidhi, stating that she has been apologizing a lot.

Later, Vidhi shares her first day at the office with Dev, while he shares what happened to him that morning. They try to spend some romantic time together when Jai calls. Jai is disappointed to see that Vidhi is occupied and unable to answer his call. Satyavati also notices this and becomes disappointed as well.

Yogesh meets Amba and mentions that she wasn’t in a good mood the previous day. Amba reveals that she set a trap for Chithra by ensuring a parcel was delivered to her. Chithra received the parcel and was shocked by Vickram’s letter and gift. Vidhi tries to calm her down, but Chithra explains that Vidhi publicly announced her pregnancy in front of the police. Chithra believes that it was Amba’s plan to bring her back to the house, feeling ashamed of herself for marrying Vickram. Chithra runs away from the scene. Dev informs Satyavati that she was right about Amba’s intentions to ruin their happiness, and Vickram doesn’t truly love Chithra. Vidhi asks for their permission to go to the office, and they grant it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jai’s conference is bound to leave the client dissatisfied, prompting Vidhi to advise against getting involved in such a project. Raichand will make an attempt to reach out to Vidhi, but Jai will adamantly refuse to engage in any conversation. Fortunately, Dev will arrive promptly at the scene.

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