Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Amba expressing her frustration towards Vickram for wasting time at home instead of being with his wife. She confronts him, informing him that Chithra is pregnant and questions why he hasn’t brought her back home. Vickram accuses Amba of trying to deceive him, but she reveals that she had concealed the truth from him and confirms her pregnancy. Vickram insists on taking Chithra back home because he still hopes that Dev will reconcile with Amba. He boldly declares that Dev will never return to Amba and questions her obsession with the useless Dev. In response, Amba slaps him and issues a stern warning, threatening to not only evict him from the house but even harm him. Vickram seethes with anger in response.

Meanwhile, Dev confides in Vidhi about his concerns for Chithra. He contemplates whether or not to contact Vickram. Vidhi emphasizes the importance of Chithra’s safety and the need for a peaceful environment during her pregnancy. Unbeknownst to them, Vickram sneaks into Chithra’s room. Surprised, Chithra questions how he managed to enter her room. Vickram demands an explanation for her concealment of the truth, fearing that others will perceive him as incapable of ensuring his wife and child’s happiness. He pleads with Chithra to accompany him but she refuses. Vickram, overcome by emotions, hurts Chithra and falls to her feet. Hearing the commotion, Dev and Abhimanyu rush to her aid, pulling Vickram away from Chithra.

Later, Dev and Abhimanyu escort Vickram to Amba’s house and relay the situation to her. Amba asserts that Vickram is her husband and has every right to meet her. However, Dev asserts that no one has the right to intimidate others as Vickram had done. He warns Amba that he won’t let Vickram off easily if such behavior recurs. Amba becomes increasingly frustrated by the situation.

Later, Amba joined Yogesh in attending the board meeting. Sensing her agitation, Yogesh urged Amba to calm down and assured her that he would handle everything. The meeting took an unexpected turn when Kaushik arrived with Dev. Yogesh questioned how Dev could attend the meeting, emphasizing that only board members were permitted. Kaushik then revealed that he had sold his shares to Dev. Seizing the opportunity, Dev explained his plans for investing in other companies and proceeded with his presentation. Amba couldn’t help but admire him, her mind flooded with memories of her time with Dev Raichand. Recalling the doctor’s advice on family planning, Amba approached Dev and slipped him a note, requesting a meeting at a coffee shop after the meeting. However, Dev crumpled the note and discarded it in a nearby dustbin. Meanwhile, Vidhi enjoyed quality time with her family, witnessing their happiness. When Hariprasad inquired about Dev’s whereabouts, she informed him that Dev was on his way.

Suddenly, Jai appeared, apologizing for intruding on their precious time. He pleaded with Vidhi to accompany him due to an emergency. Vidhi reminded him that she was on leave, but Jai insisted that it was an urgent matter and hoped that everyone would understand. Reluctantly, Vidhi went with Jai, leaving everyone disappointed by the disruption. Vidhi expressed her frustration to Jai, stating that he shouldn’t bother her during her time off. Jai explained that he had no other option and was working towards securing a better future for her. Upon returning home, Dev discovered that Jai had taken Vidhi away. Priya and Jai managed the situation, attempting to smooth things over. Bimla couldn’t comprehend why Vidhi was acting this way ever since joining the office. Vidhi made it clear to Jai that she disliked anyone holding her hand, and he promptly apologized. To Vidhi’s astonishment, she stumbled upon a press conference where Jai was promoting a women-friendly environment.

[Episode End]

Precap : Satyavati will counsel Dev to be patient and await Vidhi’s arrival. Jai will present Vidhi with a brand new car. Dev will reminisce about the advice his family gave him.

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