Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18 May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 18 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Vidhi questioning Hariprasad about the fire incident at his house. Bimla informs her that their house caught fire. Vidhi asks if he left the speech to come here and save Hariprasad. He nods in affirmation. Hariprasad explains to her that Dev saved them and also rescued the idol of Milapini Devi from the fire. Meanwhile, Aviroop meets Satyavati and shows her Vidhi’s speech. He praises Vidhi and mentions that everyone is inquiring about her to deliver motivational speeches. He recognizes her immense talent and believes they shouldn’t let it go to waste. He presents a gift and a cheque to Satyavati. Satyavati, however, thinks that Vidhi is sacrificing her talent for her sake and eagerly awaits the day when she can set her free. She desires to see Vidhi achieve great things in her life.

Chithra informs Satyavati about the fire incident at Vidhi’s house. She advises her to take care of the children and leave the place. Vidhi questions Sharma about how it happened, and Hariprasad reveals the whole truth to her. She expresses her disappointment that they hid it from her, which marks the end of her relationship with them. She further asserts that they wouldn’t have hidden it from her if she were a son. She questions why he didn’t say anything to her. Dev attempts to convince her, but Hariprasad admits that he now understands the reality. He had been concerned about what others would think of him, but today he realizes the truth. Meanwhile, Priya visits Amba in jail and offers her food. She acknowledges that Amba wouldn’t eat the jail food, so she brought food from home. Priya confesses that she felt insecure in her own home but found comfort in Amba’s house, yet now Amba is in jail. Amba urges her to speak with the lawyer and arrange for her bail as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Dev expresses to Sharma that he is aware of Vidhi’s love for them and acknowledges that they shouldn’t have done what they did to her. They apologize to him. Dev states that he can forgive them on one condition: Satyavati must consider Vidhi as her daughter, which would make Dev his son. This way, he can share all his problems with Sharma. Sharma accepts Dev as their son. Priya tells Amba that Raichand’s house is unlucky. Satyavati became a widow when she entered that house, and Priya herself isn’t happy in her life. Amba tried to become the queen of that house but ended up in jail for Rakesh’s murder. Priya questions why she sent him to the Raichand house and suggests selling it.Later, Dev and Vidhi begin cleaning the house. Dev asks Bimla and Hariprasad to rest while they set up the Milapini Devi temple again and offer prayers. Meanwhile, Priya suggests shifting to a smaller flat. If they sell the house, it would hurt Raichand. Shanthanu Raichand worked hard to build that house, and if they sell it, the blame would fall on Vidhi. Amba recalls Vidhi’s warning to her. Satyavati arrives at Hariprasad’s house, and Bimla informs her that everything was burned in the fire. Satyavati acknowledges that Dev fulfilled his duty as a son-in-law and that Vidhi is doing her duty as a daughter-in-law. She assures Bimla that they are now united as a family. Meanwhile, Priya urges Amba to sell the house, and Amba agrees, stating that it would hurt them.Amba asks Priya to arrange everything to sell the house, while Priya promises to take care of it. Amba recalls Vidhi’s warning and becomes furious. Later, Dev and Vidhi spend quality time together. Vidhi informs Yogesh that Amba agreed to sell the house, and he congratulates her, requesting that she not disclose his involvement. She assures him that she won’t. She realizes that they have underestimated Raichand, while Yogesh believes that this is Amba’s punishment for treating him poorly. Satyavati later congratulates Vidhi for her speech.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi receives a notice from the court, leaving her shocked as she learns the truth. She ponders over how she can save Balghar in such a short amount of time. The weight of the situation weighs heavily on her mind as she contemplates the steps she needs to take to protect Balghar.

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