Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Vidhi reflecting on Jai’s condition. She decides not to disturb a tired Dev who is currently asleep. Vidhi takes charge of preparing breakfast and realizes that Dev is still not awake. She chooses an outfit for him, contemplating the fact that her job prevents her from going out with Dev. In the meantime, Jai arrives to pick up Vidhi and instructs her to take the driver’s seat. Vidhi informs him that he summoned her early for an important task and suggests they finish their work first. However, she confesses her lack of driving skills. Jai reveals that he obtained her driving license and affixes the L board on the car. He urges her to sit in the driver’s seat. Meanwhile, Dev wakes up and notices Vidhi’s absence. He realizes he didn’t drop her off at the office. To his surprise, breakfast is ready for him, accompanied by heartfelt notes from Vidhi. This gesture brings a smile to his face. Later, Jai explains the traffic rules and teaches Vidhi how to drive. He advises her against using her mobile phone while driving and suggests keeping it in the backseat.

Chithra informs Priya that Dev and Vidhi are in her room. The servant confirms that Vidhi left early for work but prepared breakfast for everyone before leaving. Dev assumes that the breakfast was prepared for him, while Priya claims responsibility for it. Abhimanyu notices Jai’s unusual behavior and asserts that Vidhi doesn’t work around the clock for him. Dev feels disappointed upon hearing this. Subsequently, Vidhi expresses her fear of driving, but Jai motivates her to give her best, reminding her that as Raichand’s wife, she must overcome this fear. Jai continues teaching her how to drive, while Vidhi remains apprehensive. In the midst of the lesson, Dev calls Vidhi. Jai advises her not to answer, but Vidhi believes it might be an emergency situation. Jai declines the call, leaving Dev perplexed about the situation. Vidhi, on the other hand, feels confused and struggles to drive.

Vidhi stands on the verge of being struck by a truck and lets out a terrified scream. The sound catches Dev’s attention, and he rushes outside to find out what happened to her. Meanwhile, Jai, the truck driver, questions her reckless driving. Apologizing to Jai, Jai explains to him that it wasn’t her fault. As Vidhi meets Dev at the scene, he inquires about the reason for her fearful outburst, having heard her scream. Growing frustrated, Vidhi vents her frustration to him, asserting that she never intended to go to work that day and insisting that the situation was not her fault. Dev urges her to calm down and provide a clear explanation of the events that unfolded. Vidhi proceeds to recount how Jai had surprised her with a car as a gift the previous day, despite her lack of driving skills. Jai had called her, seemingly to help her learn how to drive, but she was unaware of his intentions and felt anxious when he asked her to come. Without giving her enough time to think, he coerced her into driving, and she failed to notice the approaching truck. Concerned for her well-being, Dev checks if she is okay. Vidhi reveals that Jai has taken a break, triggering a memory of Raab’s accident in Dev’s mind, prompting him to leave the scene.

Later on, Amba finds herself lost in her thoughts when Dev approaches her and inquires about the cause of her distress. Apologizing to him, she acknowledges her past mistakes and regrets the harm she has caused to his family. She humbly requests his forgiveness and another chance, promising to make amends. Yogesh interrupts her train of thought, prompting her to snap back to reality. Amba realizes that she had been daydreaming about Dev and blames him for disrupting her pleasant reverie.

As colleagues celebrate the StreeVisdhi product launch, Vidhi cuts the cake alongside Amba. They encourage Vidhi to feed a slice to Jai, who opts to eat it with his hands. In this moment, Vidhi’s mind drifts to thoughts of Dev, and she decides to send him a message. Meanwhile, Amba remains engrossed in her own contemplations until Dev arrives, sending a message to Vidhi. The board members demand Amba to find a solution to salvage their company, but her thoughts are still preoccupied. Amba attempts to contact Dev, questioning his unavailability and insisting on a private conversation. However, he declines her request to speak alone. Yogesh brings Amba back to reality, while the board members express their disappointment in her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi attempts to capture Dev’s attention, but unfortunately, her efforts go unnoticed as he remains indifferent. Despite this, Jai remains steadfast in his decision to patiently wait for Vidhi. In the meantime, Dev takes it upon himself to organize and arrange everything in order to create a favorable situation for Vidhi.

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