Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Mr. Singhania presenting a 25 lakh cheque to Vidhi and extending a job offer to her. Grateful for his generosity, Vidhi expresses her gratitude but declines the job offer due to certain reasons. Jai recollects the rule of the Raichand family. Taking matters into her own hands, Vidhi hands over the cheque to government officials in order to safeguard Balghar. She explains to Dev Raichand that she orchestrated the entire event to protect Balghar, impressing him with her resourcefulness. Dev humbly corrects him, acknowledging that Vidhi deserves all the credit for her efforts.

Vidhi declined to take credit, and Jai reminded her that the Raichand family adheres to certain rules which prohibit girls from working, making it impossible for her to receive recognition. He then left the scene. Realizing the need for action, Satyavati took the initiative and introduced herself to everyone. She explained that her family also had similar rules, preventing Vidhi and Priya from pursuing work outside their traditional roles. However, she made the decision to modify these traditions for the sake of her daughter-in-law’s happiness. Satyavati embraced both Vidhi and Priya, acknowledging that Vidhi had shown her the right path in life, while Priya had sacrificed everything for her family.

Grateful for Satyavati’s transformation, Vidhi expressed her and Priya’s good fortune to have her in their lives. Satyavati’s willingness to let them pursue their dreams was seen as a blessing. Priya attributed Satyavati’s change of heart to Vidhi’s influence, recognizing her as a devoted daughter-in-law. Priya recounted how she had initially sought refuge with Amba, hoping to escape her fears and limitations. However, she soon realized her isolation despite having Simi by her side, and yearned for Abhimanyu’s love. Recognizing the value of her beautiful family, she ultimately abandoned her selfish desires and reunited with them, having missed them deeply.

Vidhi expressed deep affection towards her sister, demonstrating her love. Satyavati treated her as if she were her own daughter. Abhimanyu cherished her greatly, and Dev acted as her protective elder brother. In a surprising turn of events, she evicted everyone from the house without any apparent reason. Now, determined to regain their trust at any cost, she intends to do so during an upcoming auction. Cautiously, Vidhi warns her to be wary of Amba, describing her as a venomous snake who strikes mercilessly.

Priya informs Vidhi that Amba is not acting alone in this matter; Yogesh is her accomplice. Recognizing the opportunity, Vidhi believes it’s the perfect time to expose their true intentions to Amba. Meanwhile, Amba reflects on the deceitful promise Yogesh made to her, questioning his motives and wondering who taught him such a traitorous game. Priya arrives and advises Simi to retreat indoors, emphasizing the importance of not mentioning Raichand’s name in front of Amba.

Priya expresses her disbelief to Amba, admitting that she never anticipated the successful execution of the events by Raichand’s family. She struggles to accept it all. Amba, sharing Priya’s anger, emphasizes that they should not have placed their trust in Yogesh. Priya reveals that Vidhi has devised a plan to resolve the situation, explaining that Yogesh had only pretended to create problems for them. Vidhi took care of the arrangements, while Dev swiftly changed the password. Amba warns Priya against involving Yogesh any further, branding him as worthless and a potential threat to their plan.

To ensure evidence, Priya discreetly records their conversation on her phone and sends it to Yogesh. Amba instructs Priya that they must inflict pain upon Raichand’s family during the auction. Priya reassures her of her commitment. Subsequently, Priya stirs up Yogesh’s animosity towards Amba, and he promises to reclaim the house in her name. Later on, Yogesh suggests to Priya that she could obtain Amba’s signature by framing it as a legal matter on paper, convincing her to sign. Priya contemplates the consequences if legal action were taken against them, to which Yogesh confidently asserts that he is not afraid of her. Meanwhile, Satyavati informs Dev about their house being put up for auction, and he offers her comfort. Vidhi proposes that they should attend the auction.

[Episode End]

Precap : Dev will embark on a quest to locate bond papers, diligently searching for them. With unwavering determination, Dev will make their way to the auction, fully intent on participating. However, little do they know that a moment of humiliation awaits them at the hands of Amba during the auction.

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