Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With the board members informing Amba that she is unsuitable for the chairman position and must step down. They have chosen Dev Raichand as the new chairman, prompting applause from everyone present. Dev expresses his gratitude to everyone and appoints Priya as the CEO of Raichand’s company, leaving everyone shocked. Priya is delighted upon hearing this news. Yogesh willingly gives up his position for Priya. Dev smirks at them and informs Amba that he is dissatisfied with their performance, thus reclaiming his rights. The board meeting ends abruptly. Amba congratulates Dev and requests five minutes to talk with him about something important. However, Dev ignores her. Yogesh sympathizes with Amba, stating that Dev has taken everything from her—her rights and her company. Amba admits that she never truly had Dev in her life and cannot live without him.

Dev and Priya inform their family that they have regained control of Raichand’s company. Satyavati congratulates Dev, while Bimla urges Vidhi to visit their house, offering her reassurance. Jai congratulates Vidhi, and she expresses her gratitude but asks for a day off to be with Dev during this situation. Jai reminds her that office hours are not yet over and there are pending tasks. Vidhi proposes a salary deduction, willing to work overtime to compensate for it. Jai becomes frustrated with her suggestion. Kaushik shares his happiness with Dev, who appreciates his support. Priya also expresses her gratitude, and Kaushik responds by affirming their friendship. The media interviews the board members, who praise Dev and acknowledge that he deserves to be their chairman. Raichand’s family arrives, and Vidhi embraces Dev to congratulate him. The media questions Yogesh about Dev, and he offers good wishes to Dev for formality’s sake, escorting Amba away. When the media asks Dev about his achievements, he credits Vidhi as the reason behind his success. Jai contemplates making Vidhi stay at home, while Vidhi expresses her gratitude for having such a wonderful family. Amba walks alongside Yogesh, appearing lifeless. The name of Mehta Industries is replaced with Raichand’s company.

Raichand’s family illuminated the diyas, rejoicing in their victory. Dev penned down his experience in his personal diary, expressing his feelings of worthlessness. Just as he confided in his father about his despair, Vidhi unexpectedly arrived, remorseful for invading his privacy by reading his diary. She assured him that she had married a man who never wavered from his promises and encouraged him to document his triumphs in the diary. Vidhi conveyed her happiness and allowed him to apply vermilion on her hairline as per her wish. Meanwhile, Yogesh complained to Amba about her unresponsiveness to his calls, prompting Amba to reveal that Dev had once again proven himself to be the perfect match for her and had escaped a trap. She professed her love for Dev.

Abhimanyu shared his joy with Satyavati, emphasizing that everyone would recognize their current power. Satyavati suggested inviting everyone to celebrate. Dev and Chithra joined the gathering, but Satyavati noticed their lackluster appearance and questioned them about the matter. Chithra informed her that their task had been completed, and Dev presented the divorce papers to Satyavati. Perplexed, Satyavati inquired about the reason behind his decision. Vickram directed his frustration towards Amba, blaming her for Chithra’s actions. He expressed his dissatisfaction openly. Amba cautioned him against venting his frustration at her and proposed seeking legal action against the Raichand family on Chithra’s behalf, citing her pregnancy as a strong point in the case.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jai will make it known to everyone that Vidhi possesses unwavering loyalty and honesty. He believes that she should not remain with Dev Raichand, but rather be with him. As a result, Vidhi will submit her resignation letter to Jai.

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