Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Vidhi assisting Satyavati in the kitchen while cooking. She assures her that she can manage the tasks by herself. However, Vidhi becomes aware that she is running behind schedule for her office. Concerned about the timing of the ceremony, she queries Dev about whether Pooja will conclude on time. Dev reassures her that everything will be fine. Just as Vidhi is about to stumble, Dev comes to her aid, advising her not to stress herself out. He advises her against burdening her mind with conflicting thoughts and emphasizes the importance of balancing both her family and work responsibilities. He advises her not to let work issues affect her family life.

Vidhi suggests sending a message to Harsha, and Dev encourages her to do so. In the meantime, Dev and Vidhi attend the pooja together. At his office, Jai patiently waits for Vidhi, feeling disappointed when she fails to arrive on time. Realizing she is running late, Vidhi urges Dev to commence the pooja without her. As the priest initiates the ceremony, Vidhi’s mind drifts away, consumed by her concerns about reaching the office on time. Just then, Harsha calls Vidhi, and she informs him that she messaged him to arrive at the office late because she has a pooja at home. After relaying the message, Vidhi ends the call.

Vidhi expresses to Dev that she is running late, and in response, Dev advises her to leave while assuring her that he will manage everything. Satyavati raises suspicions about Vidhi’s destination, wondering where she is going. Bimla assumes that she is going to fetch some items. Dev then explains the situation to everyone, emphasizing the importance of arriving at the office on time, particularly on the first day. Vidhi was already tardy for work, prompting her to leave immediately.

Hariprasad expresses his concerns, mentioning that they arranged a ceremony for Vidhi’s happiness and that she should not leave. He fears that Satyavati might misunderstand her departure. Bimla, on the other hand, empathizes with Vidhi’s predicament. Satyavati wishes Vidhi had stayed a little longer, as it would have made her happy. Meanwhile, Vidhi arrives at the office, where Jai scolds her for her tardiness on her first day. Vidhi informs him that she had sent a message to Harsha. Jai emphasizes that she is not a member of the Raichand family here but an employee, and she must arrive on time. He asserts that she is equal to everyone else in the office.

Jai states that everyone has their personal problems, but they should not let it affect their work. He reminds them that it is a business, where emotions have no place. Vidhi requests his permission to share something with him and suggests that he should understand his employees’ personal problems as well. She explains that the office is like a temple, and if he values their emotions, they will wholeheartedly work for him and remain loyal. Vidhi successfully convinces Jai to understand her perspective and then leaves. Jai acknowledges her talent but laments that the Raichand family is hindering her progress, clipping her wings. He resolves to liberate her from that family.

Later, Chithra expresses her concerns about her relationship with Vickram to Satyavati. She believes that Amba is causing problems between her and Vickram. Chithra wishes that Vidhi had been in her life first, as it might have prevented her from making wrong decisions. Satyavati consoles her. Anna recalls the humiliations she has faced, and Yogesh arrives to inform her that he has finalized his divorce from Kanika. He assures Anna that he has severed ties with Kanika for good. Amba engages in random conversations with Yogesh, who advises her to consult a doctor for her well-being. He takes her to the hospital.

Back at home, Chithra anxiously awaits Vidhi’s return. Dev calls Vidhi to inquire about her estimated time of arrival. Jai notices Vidhi talking on the phone and indirectly warns Dev not to disturb Vidhi during office hours. Dev stands up for Vidhi and assures Chithra that he can accompany her to the hospital. Later, when Vidhi shows Jai the completed tasks, he informs her that she cannot leave until the office hours are over. Amba notices Dev and Chithra’s presence at the hospital. Jai proceeds to explain the office rules and regulations to Vidhi, while Amba eavesdrops on a conversation between Dev Raichand and the doctor regarding Chithra.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amba will believe that she has created fresh complications within Raichand’s family. Chithra will be taken aback upon reading the letter.

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