Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Satyavati emphasizing the triumph of truth and expressing her refusal to credit Dev alone for their success. She acknowledges Vidhi’s significant support and affirms that she should be recognized as well. Priya admits her mistake of listening to the wrong person and betraying her family, regretting her actions. She expresses gratitude towards Vidhi for guiding her back onto the right path. In the meantime, Hariprasad suggests placing Milapini’s mother’s idol in their temple, stating that it is something he desires to do, as it would bring about a positive change. Meanwhile, Jai attends a party at the Raichand mansion, where his anger flares up upon seeing Vidhi accompanying Dev. Dev, holding Vidhi’s hand, proudly presents her to everyone. Jai reminisces about their moments together and approaches Dev. Hariprasad questions the situation, asking what is happening. Jai congratulates Dev on reclaiming his company and expresses gratitude for being invited to the event. Dev clarifies that he didn’t invite Vidhi’s boss but Raab’s son, highlighting his immense help. Dev warmly welcomes the Balghar children and presents them with gifts. He also notices the presence of Kaushik and Sakshi, greeting them with joy. Kaushik apologizes for being late, but Dev reminds him that such a significant day should not be missed. Dev publicly announces that Kaushik is like a god to him, someone who assisted him at the right time, and praises him in front of everyone. Kaushik humbly states that he considers Dev a friend and is willing to do anything for him. Satyavati commends Kaushik and expresses her gratitude. She announces that her daughter and daughter-in-law will be working in Raichand’s company from now on, with equal rights. Jai becomes suspicious, feeling that they are attempting to separate Vidhi from him, vowing not to allow it. Hariprasad begins to feel uncomfortable at the party, while Vidhi presents a plant as a gift to one of the guests. Jai confides in Sakshi, expressing his opinion that there is a great deal of unnecessary drama taking place. Meanwhile, Hariprasad shares with Bimla that he is feeling dizzy and uneasy.

Vidhi inquires about his well-being, asking if he’s alright. Hariprasad confesses that he forgot to take his medicine. Vidhi assures him that she has a prescription in her hand and will purchase the medication for him. In the meantime, Satyavati requests Kaushik to arrange a spacious cabin for her two daughters-in-law. Kaushik assures her that he will take care of it. Jai becomes annoyed upon hearing this. Vidhi informs Dev about Hariprasad’s health condition. Jai misunderstands, believing that she isn’t interested in working at Raichand’s company. He decides that he won’t allow it to happen and, fueled by anger, breaks a glass. He apologizes to everyone, acknowledging it was a mistake.

Curious, Satyavati asks Dev why he invited Jai to the gathering. Dev explains that Jai is Raab’s son, which is why he was invited. Jai introduces himself as Raab’s son and expresses his admiration for Raab’s character. He states that he wants to fulfill Raab’s wishes and help someone achieve their dreams. He specifically praises Vidhi, describing her as an honest girl who guided him towards the right path. He expresses gratitude to God for bringing Vidhi into his life and declares that she is Dev’s treasure. However, he reveals that Vidhi will not be with Dev but with Jai, as she will be working in his company instead of Raichand’s company. Jai mentions that Satyavati has given her consent for Vidhi to work at his company. Satyavati clarifies that Vidhi is only interning at Jai’s company and will ultimately work at Raichand’s company.

Meanwhile, Dev asks Vidhi if she is still working, unaware of the letter she is hiding. She informs him that he will discover it tomorrow since it’s meant to be a surprise. Later on, Vidhi submits her resignation letter to Jai, leading him to have a nightmare. In his dream, he realizes that he can’t let her leave easily. He has exerted great effort to retain her in his company and believes he can guide her towards what is right. He is determined that she should not leave him.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amba’s method of compelling Dev’s attention will involve brandishing a firearm, thereby coercing him to heed her words.

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