Na Umra Ki Seema Ho

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Jai inquiring of Vidhi whether she is willing to pursue her dreams. Will she resort to stealing her husband’s secrets to attain success? Vidhi responds by asking what he means, to which he clarifies that his question doesn’t pertain to her response. Vidhi assures him that she wouldn’t engage in such actions with her adversaries either. Jai commends her honesty and acknowledges her loyalty towards her family and business. He takes pride in his father’s choice and expresses his appreciation towards Vidhi. Furthermore, he invites her to accompany him the following day and inquires if she would be willing to join him. Vidhi nods in agreement.

Jai contemplates that he must execute a plan to separate Vidhi from the Raichand family. He intends to shock Dev Raichand. Later, Dev compliments Vidhi on her cooking skills, attributing it to his mother’s influence. Vidhi mentions that she has always been skilled in the kitchen. Satyavati enters the scene and playfully questions if they are attempting to promote her to the role of a grandmother. Dev denies it, and Vidhi explains that they were simply preparing something to eat. Satyavati expresses her disappointment and advises them to reconsider their actions. Vidhi and Dev exchange glances.

Meanwhile, Vidhi performs a pooja (religious ritual) in the temple. Abhimanyu informs Dev that it is his first tender, and winning it would elevate their business to the next level. Vidhi blesses them. Later, Jai requests Vidhi’s presence at a meeting. She is surprised to find Dev and her family in attendance. She assumes that they are also present for the same tender. Feeling hesitant, she hesitates to take her seat. Jai encourages her to sit down, while Bimla and others wave at her. Jai reveals that it’s a surprise, indicating that he intends to compete with Dev for this tender. Dev suggests they become the best competitors, to which Jai adds that Vidhi is on her way to becoming the best businesswoman. Dev asserts that she is his woman and her victory is his as well. Jai believes that she will triumph over him in this endeavor. Vidhi extends her best wishes to both parties, and Bimla reciprocates the sentiment. Vidhi contemplates the importance of her career aspirations, while acknowledging the significance of the tender to the Raichand family. The head of the company arrives and greets both parties, praising their products and requesting them to present their projects.

Priya states that Bimla will be the one to explain it to them. Dev casually remarks that it’s not a big deal and that Bimla can handle it wholeheartedly. Jai suggests that Vidhi should present it on his behalf. Vidhi questions his statement, to which he responds by saying that she needs to stand up against her own family for this deal. Bimla provides her explanation to the group, and afterwards, Vidhi presents her own explanation. Bimla and Hariprasad express their pride in Vidhi’s narrative, and everyone in the room appreciates her efforts.

The head of the meeting acknowledges that both companies are winners in his eyes, but he cannot make a decision blindly. He declares that they will find out who won the tender. Jai wishes Vidhi the best, believing that once they win the tender, Dev will return to them. The head announces that the tender has been awarded to Vidhi Raichand. Vidhi is disappointed upon hearing this news, but both the Raichand and Sharma families applaud her victory. The head reveals that the Raichand company had a margin of 77rs, while Jai managed to secure a margin of 76rs. He encourages Vidhi by saying “better luck next time.”

Dev congratulates Vidhi on winning the tender, and she appreciates his words. Jai urges Dev to express his love for Vidhi at home, reminding him that she is his employee for now. Vidhi feels disheartened by this comment. Bimla praises Vidhi, and Hariprasad commends her for her achievement. Vidhi expresses her happiness, stating that she would have been even happier if Hariprasad had won. Bimla assures Vidhi that her victory itself is a source of happiness. Vidhi announces that the meeting is over and she can now spend time with her family. However, Hariprasad insists that there is still a lot of pending work. Priya emphasizes that work should take priority.

Jai celebrates his victory, while Vidhi notices that the staff members appear demotivated. Jai pretends to cry in order to gain Vidhi’s sympathy. He tries to provoke her against Dev by planting seeds of suspicion. Meanwhile, Dev sends a message to Vidhi, congratulating her on her victory and suggesting they celebrate together.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi has planned to dedicate some valuable moments to spend quality time with Dev.

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