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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Vidhi earnestly requesting Abhimanyu to refrain from making hasty decisions and suggesting that they talk it through. However, Abhimanyu insists that they should not try to stop him, as he feels powerless and responsible for the unfortunate situation faced by the Raichand family due to his own blunder. Priya intervenes and reminds him that Simi is just a young child who needs him in her life. Abhimanyu, overwhelmed by guilt, believes that he has no right to continue living in this world. In a desperate attempt, he reaches for sleeping pills, but Vidhi, in a swift motion, pushes them away, urging him not to take such foolish actions.

Vidhi reassures Abhimanyu that although they may have lost everything, they still have their home, and slowly but surely, they can rebuild their lives. She emphasizes the importance of considering Simi’s future, as she will need his guidance and care for a lifetime. With a determined spirit, Vidhi opens the door, symbolizing a new beginning and a ray of hope.

Satyavati and Priya join forces to convince Abhimanyu that he is not solely to blame for the situation. Priya takes responsibility for everything that has transpired and expresses her belief that she should be the one to face the consequences. She, too, attempts to reach for the sleeping pills, but Abhimanyu intervenes, stopping her from making the same mistake.

Meanwhile, Raab Sir is engaged in a phone conversation with his son when his driver informs him about a malfunctioning car brake. Concerned, Raab Sir advises the driver to proceed with caution. However, fate takes an unfortunate turn as Dev, Raab Sir’s son, unknowingly drives in the opposite direction. As a result, Raab Sir’s car is involved in an accident. Dev rushes to the scene to provide immediate assistance.

Abhimanyu questioned Priya about the wisdom behind her decision, expressing concern that she hadn’t taken Simi into consideration. Priya reassured him and pleaded for his love, asking him not to burden himself with guilt. Apologetically, he acknowledged his selfishness and apologized to her. In return, Priya implored him to promise that he would never entertain thoughts of suicide again. Overwhelmed with emotion, they embraced each other tightly. Vidhi playfully teased them and suggested they talk to Simi first, emphasizing how happy she would be to witness her parents reunited.

Meanwhile, Dev took it upon himself to admit Raab Sir to the hospital, assuming responsibility for his well-being. Concurrently, Chithra shared her delight with Vidhi, expressing her contentment. Vidhi urged Abhimanyu not to dwell on past events and to focus on the future. Observing Satyavati lost in her thoughts, Vidhi noticed the impact of Abhimanyu’s actions on her. Overcome with emotion, Satyavati reminisced about Abhimanyu’s act. The doctor informed Dev that Raab Sir frequently mentioned someone’s name and advised him to bring that person to the hospital. Dev assured the doctor that he would fulfill his request.

Satyavati confides her sorrow in the divine presence, seeking solace. In the midst of her despair, Vidhi arrives and shares the struggles that Satyavati’s family is going through. Chithra is managing her pregnancy alone, while Dev is tirelessly working to salvage their business. Abhimanyu displayed extreme behavior today, causing Satyavati great distress. She cannot bear to see her children suffer like this. Vidhi reassures Satyavati, assuring her that everything will be fine. They are being given another chance by a higher power. Confused, Satyavati asks for an explanation, as she is unable to comprehend the situation. She believes that no one has cast an evil eye upon her children. Just then, Dev calls Vidhi urgently, informing her that Raab Sir has been in an accident. He provides her with a location and asks her to come as soon as possible. Vidhi excuses herself and rushes out, leaving Satyavati behind. Satyavati prays fervently for her family and contemplates how she can put an end to their troubles. She wonders where she can find answers to all her questions.

Later, Dev expresses a desire to see Raab Sir’s condition for himself. He sends his manager to fetch Vidhi and bring her to his room. Dev apologizes to Raab Sir for the unfortunate accident. However, Raab Sir assures him that it was not his fault.

Meanwhile, Vidhi reaches the location and inquires about the incident. She asks Raab Sir what he wants to tell her. Raab Sir reveals his concerns about his stubborn son, Jai. Worried for Jai’s well-being, Vidhi suggests calling him. However, the manager informs them that Raab Sir and Jai had an argument, and Jai is currently ignoring his father’s calls. Determined, Vidhi assures Raab Sir that she will take him to Jai. She locates Jai, who is inebriated, and tries to inform him about his father’s condition. However, Jai dismisses her words and speaks irrationally in anger. Unable to tolerate his behavior, Vidhi slaps him, hoping to bring him back to his senses.

[Episode End]

Precap : Vidhi is tasked with escorting Jai to meet Raab sir, while Amba requests Yogesh to eliminate every member of the Raichand family. Meanwhile, Dev experiences a disturbing nightmare.

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