Meet 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Meet 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Sumeet expressing her inability to marry Raunak to Raj. Raj insists that Raunak is an ideal person and a reflection of himself. Nevertheless, Sumeet emphasizes that love is the most crucial factor for marriage, and she does not wish to tie the knot with Raunak. Raj agrees and assures her that they will no longer discuss Raunak. Meanwhile, Raunak becomes infuriated and forcefully strikes his hand against the wall.

Sumeet then informs Raj that her scorecard has arrived, confirming her acceptance into a college in London. She reveals that studying music there has always been her dream. Masoom, frustrated by the failure of her plan, becomes annoyed.

As Raunak prepares to leave, he is halted by Shlok, who taunts him, suggesting that the expression on his face reveals his failure in his scheme. Raunak retorts by stating that while Shlok may excel in exams and music competitions, he will triumph over him in the game of life.

Shagun greets Shlok’s mother and inquires about her recent purchases. Shlok’s mother mentions buying groceries and items for prasad (religious offering) and shagun (auspicious gift). Pankhuri arrives, and Shagun compliments her appearance, commenting on her cuteness. However, she insincerely praises Pankhuri and criticizes the rose in her hair. Pankhuri explains that Sarthak had intended to please her by offering the flower.

Shagun presents a diamond-studded clip to Vani and instructs her to meet with Shagun and change her saree. Pankhuri arrives at the Alhwat house, warmly greeting Vani. She surprises Vani with a gift of expensive airpods. However, Vani’s hearing disability prevents her from using them, and she relies on a hearing aid instead. Pankhuri, insensitive to Vani’s situation, mocks her for her inability to hear. Witnessing this, Masoom observes Pankhuri sneaking some cashew nuts and dismisses her as someone who lacks integrity, doubting her connection to the Choudhary family.

Curiosity piqued, Masoom confronts Pankhuri about her relationship with Abhay. Pankhuri claims to be his cousin and reminds Masoom of the alliance between Raunak and Sumeet. When Pankhuri is served a variety of dishes by Sumeet, she is given chopsticks instead of traditional cutlery. Pankhuri assumes she doesn’t know how to use them and prepares herself for humiliation. However, Sumeet surprises her by sitting in front of her and patiently teaching her how to use chopsticks, without any mockery. Pankhuri’s face brightens as she successfully uses chopsticks to enjoy her meal. Sumeet emphasizes the importance of not making fun of someone with a disability and stands up for Vani. Vani smiles upon hearing their conversation, comforted by Sumeet’s support.

Sumeet anticipates receiving the signed form for the London college from Raj soon. In the meantime, Shagun calls Masoom and informs her that they need to postpone Vani and Abhay’s wedding, leaving Masoom shocked. Shagun mentions her upcoming overseas meeting and indirectly taunts Masoom for her inability to convince her family members to agree to the alliance. Overwhelmed with worry, Masoom approaches Sumeet in tears, explaining that Vani’s marriage is in jeopardy as Shagun will only permit it if Raunak and Sumeet also marry. The episode concludes with Masoom desperately pleading with Sumeet to accept the alliance with Raunak for Vani’s happiness.

[Episode End]

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