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Meet 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Meet encountering a lawyer who informs her that, as the biological mother, she possesses the right to claim custody of the child. Distressed, Meet discloses that Shagun intends to take Cheeku to America within 48 hours. However, the lawyer regretfully explains that the court will be closed over the weekend, rendering him unable to take any further action. Overwhelmed with despair, Meet implores him to explore alternative solutions, but the lawyer insists that he cannot offer any assistance until Monday. Meet finds solace in Manmeet’s comforting presence, as she tearfully admits her fear of losing her child once again. Determined to help, Manmeet assures her that he will find a way to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, Sumeet approaches Meet and inquires whether she has brought Cheeku back home, as Gunwanti claims he has been taken by someone else. Meet makes a heartfelt promise to retrieve Cheeku.

Amidst the turmoil, Shagun calls Meet and callously taunts her for her tears while flaunting Cheeku. Enraged, Meet abruptly departs from the conversation. Yashoda confronts Sarkar, questioning his role as a father and his passivity in allowing such events to unfold. Sarkar reveals his desire for Manmeet to be liberated from Meet, deeming their reunion as a mistake. He asserts that he can only regain custody of his son if Manmeet separates from Meet. Yashoda sternly warns Sarkar that she will leave him if he attempts to tear them apart, leading to a heated argument where Yashoda fervently attempts to convey Meet’s importance as Manmeet’s source of happiness.

Meet and Manmeet arrive at the location where Shagun is holding Cheeku captive. Shagun’s bodyguards detain them, and she reveals her plan to have the word “mother” tattooed on Cheeku’s hands as part of Sarkarpur’s rituals, claiming herself to be his mother. Cheeku vehemently protests, asserting that Meet is his only mother and the only person he will refer to as such. Manmeet advises Shagun not to further provoke his anger, but she insists on wanting to see Meet suffer. Yashoda interjects, condemning Sarkar’s unjust actions and warning him that failing to acknowledge the truth will make him a failed father. However, Sarkar remains steadfast in blaming Meet for the distance between him and Manmeet.

Amidst the turmoil, Cheeku continues to cry, pleading with Meet not to leave him. Shagun picks up an electric gun to proceed with the tattooing, while Sarkar instructs Gunwanti to bring him food. Yashoda intervenes, declaring that he won’t receive anything from her kitchen due to the crime he committed by separating a child from his mother. She reminds him of the pain she experienced when Manmeet was separated from her during childhood. Yashoda takes a firm stand, refusing to serve him food unless he helps Manmeet. Even Gunwanti and Sapna side with Yashoda, denying Sarkar their service.

Despite the pressure, Sarkar adamantly refuses to assist Meet and Manmeet. Shagun is startled to find Meet missing from the scene. Suddenly, Meet reappears with a pot of water and pours it on an exposed wire, giving Shagun an electric shock. Cheeku seizes the opportunity to escape to Meet’s side. Meet asserts that no one can overpower a mother’s love. The guards apprehend Meet, but Cheeku manages to flee. Mahendra commends Sarkar for his cunning tactics in revealing to Shagun that Cheeku is Meet’s child. Sarkar confesses that he used Shagun as a means of seeking revenge. Meet frantically searches for Cheeku while Manmeet pulls her aside, revealing that he has brought Cheeku with him. Meet informs Manmeet that the police are now with Shagun, but he explains that it was the only way to stop her. The episode concludes with Shagun informing the police that Meet Hooda has taken her son.

[Episode End]

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