Maitree 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Maitree using the example of Raavan to illustrate a point to Saransh. Saransh agrees with Maitree’s analogy and boldly declares himself to be Raavan. Addressing his family, Saransh reveals that they believed he had died in the accident, but he had actually survived. He confesses to hiding from everyone and undergoing plastic surgery to alter his appearance, in order to evade the police who were after him for his involvement in a drug racket. Saransh explains that he resorted to these extreme measures to ensure his safety and protect his loved ones, particularly Maitree. Additionally, Saransh expresses his disappointment and accuses Sona and Maitree of betraying him.

Saransh discloses that he had been patiently waiting for an opportunity to enter the house, which presented itself when Ashish was involved in a fire accident. He seized the chance and successfully replaced Ashish by bribing a doctor. Nandini, filled with concern, inquires about Ashish’s whereabouts. Saransh callously reveals that he killed Ashish, causing Nandini to collapse in grief while Maitree provides her with support. Saransh callously admits to enjoying Ashish’s demise. Nandini, overwhelmed by anguish, tries to attack Saransh, but he simply pushes her aside. Harsh, feeling lightheaded, rushes to Sona’s aid. Sona confronts Saransh, questioning how he could kill his own brother. Saransh responds with a sinister smile before Sona slaps him in disbelief. In retaliation, Saransh pushes her away. Harsh rushes to Sona’s defense, resulting in a scuffle between him, Om, Kusum, and Saransh. Eventually, Harsh, Om, Kusum, and Nandini all lose consciousness.

Sona grasps the knife tightly, vowing to end Saransh’s life, who had transformed into Ravan. However, as she lunges towards him, Saransh swiftly catches her hand. Sona succumbs to unconsciousness, leaving Maitree bewildered and demanding an explanation from Saransh. With a cold demeanor, Saransh reveals that it was merely a concoction of medicine causing their unconsciousness. He boasts about being called Ravan, emphasizing his determination to emerge victorious this time. Maitree firmly reminds him that he cannot alter the course of the epic.

In a desperate attempt to stop Saransh, Maitree launches an attack, but he skillfully defends himself and injects drugs into her. Maitree collapses to the floor, her eyes wide open. Saransh callously taunts her, highlighting the effects of the drugs while asserting her powerlessness to halt his plans. Comparing himself to Ravan, he mentions how Ravan had taken Sita, but now he intends to seize her husband. Defiantly, he challenges Maitree to save Harsh from his clutches if she can. With a sinister determination, Saransh proceeds to drag Harsh away, leaving Maitree feeling utterly helpless. He binds Harsh with ropes and deposits him in his car, disregarding Maitree’s anguished cries.

Later, Maitree turns to prayer, seeking divine assistance in finding her husband. Suddenly, Nandini appears, clad in a white saree, assuring Maitree that she is not alone in this battle. Overwhelmed, Maitree recognizes Nandini and weeps. Nandini discloses that Saransh inflicted a great loss upon her by killing her own husband, and she is determined to ensure justice for him. Aware of the formidable challenge posed by Saransh, Maitree confides that she had not even informed her father. Maitree implores Nandini to remain at home for the sake of Nandish, but Nandini insists on joining forces to defeat Saransh. Maitree asserts that the time has come to demonstrate the power of their friendship against Saransh.

Meanwhile, Saransh is convinced that no one can save Harsh from his clutches. As Kusum and Om urge Sona to eat something, Maitree arrives and inquires about the Havan Kund. Sona dismisses her query, asking if she is prepared for the impending battle. With unwavering determination, Maitree affirms her readiness.

[Episode End]

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