Maitree 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sona tightly embracing Harsh, tears streaming down her face. With a heartfelt tone, she expresses to Maitree that she has once again become her cherished daughter-in-law and asserts her authority. Maitree responds with a gentle smile. In a harmonious moment, both Harsh and Maitree seek Sona’s blessings. Suddenly, Nandini appears, beckoning Maitree to accompany her. She extends an offering of ice cream as a peace offering and sincerely apologizes for her past transgressions. Overwhelmed with emotion, they both break into tears.

Nandini implores Maitree not to abandon her and expresses regret for her actions. She humbly requests Maitree to administer any punishment she deems fit, pleading for her not to sever their connection. As a sign of her sincerity, Nandini tentatively extends her little finger. Maitree accepts the ice cream from Nandini, her heart filled with forgiveness. They exchange their unique friendship gesture, experiencing a profound sense of joy in reconciling with one another. At this moment, Ashish enters the scene and playfully reminds them not to forget about him. Eagerly, he joins in the embrace. Harsh, witnessing this heartwarming reunion, encourages everyone to gather around him. Nandini warmly welcomes him, and they all engage in a joyous group hug.

Their peaceful moment is interrupted by the sound of Madan’s voice, prompting them to step outside. Madan hands the bag of money to Kamna and forcefully expels her from the house. With remorse in his eyes, he apologizes to his family members for his past mistakes and departs from their lives. Kamna glares at the Tiwari family, consumed by anger and resentment.

The following day, Sona urged everyone to embellish their homes beautifully in preparation for the Ram and Lakshman Darbar at their place. Nandini and Maitree graciously welcomed the guests, while Ashish, Harsh, and Om escorted Ram, Sita, Lakshman, and Anjaneya home. Unbeknownst to them, Kamna discreetly entered Tiwari Sadan, concealing her appearance with a veil.

Sona instructed Maitree to apply a tilak to the idols as she guarded the holy shrine. Maitree complied and reverently placed the tilak on the idols. Sona then requested Maitree to fetch the prasad. Nandini offered her assistance in preparing the prasad, to which Maitree gratefully accepted. Maitree, in turn, requested Nandini to receive the guests while she prepared the Bhogh.

While in the kitchen, Maitree felt a sense of being watched. She emerged from the kitchen and encountered veiled women, questioning their presence. Kamna quickly fabricated a story, claiming they were there for flower arrangements. Maitree, unsuspecting, granted them permission to carry out their supposed task. Meanwhile, Maitree busily prepared the Prasad cups, unaware of the impending danger.

As Maitree heard the sound of a bell, she left the kitchen momentarily. Seizing the opportunity, Kamna instructed the veiled women to depart and proceeded to adulterate one of the Prasad cups with poison intended for Maitree.

Elsewhere, Ashish struggled to adjust his dhoti when Nandini approached and kindly assisted him. Inappropriately, Ashish attempted to flirt with her. Just then, Sona called upon Ashish and everyone else to gather for the puja. Kamna, marking the poisoned cup for identification, revealed her sinister plan to eliminate Maitree. Nandini intervened and bravely confronted Kamna, vowing to expose her true intentions. Worriedly, Ashish searched for Nandini, but Kamna swiftly incapacitated her and confined her to a locked room.

The pandit urged the family members to offer prasad to the deities before distributing it among everyone. Meanwhile, Kamna realized the prasad was missing from the kitchen. She emerged to witness Maitree holding the Katori bowl, unknowingly about to consume the poisoned offering. Kamna’s sinister satisfaction grew.

[Episode End]

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