Maitree 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Maitree observing Kamna entering Nandini’s room. She believes their plan has succeeded. Kamna wakes up Nandini and she questions why Kamna has come to her room, expressing concern about the possibility of Ashish catching them. Kamna insists on discussing something important with Nandini and guides her outside. Nandini inquires about the reason for their meeting and the significance of the matter at hand. Kamna reveals the details of the anonymous caller who has been blackmailing her for a sum of 4 lakhs.

Meanwhile, Ashish sends a message to Maitree expressing his approval of Nandini accompanying Kamna, as it would enable Harsh to discover the truth and provide Ashish with an opportunity to explain himself to Nandini. Curious about the new player in their game, Nandini asks Kamna for more information. Kamna explains that the individual is the mastermind, as they possess knowledge of her past secret as well. Filled with fear, Nandini worries about the consequences of exposure, fearing that Ashish and Tiwari’s family would never forgive her. Trying to ease Nandini’s concerns, Kamna suggests that Maitree and Ashish may be involved, and suspects that Maitree is colluding with someone else. Kamna requests Nandini to accompany her the following day. Nandini reluctantly agrees, but resolves to steer clear of Kamna’s other affairs.

The following day, Maitree suggested to Harsh that he should take a rest, but he adamantly refused and prepared to head to the office. Doubtful of Maitree’s intentions, she asked if he truly believed she was attempting to turn him against Kamna. Harsh, unwilling to discuss the matter, simply left without another word. During his journey, Harsh received an anonymous phone call. The unidentified caller, Ashish, urged Harsh to come to the backside of Maata Rani temple to uncover the truth about his mother, warning that he could lose her forever if he didn’t. Harsh demanded to know who was speaking, but Ashish abruptly ended the call.

Meanwhile, Nandini staged a fake accident, pretending to slip and fall on the floor. Maitree rushed to Nandini’s aid, and soon everyone gathered around. Ashish questioned how Nandini had slipped, and she claimed it was because she hadn’t seen the water on the floor. Sona tauntingly insinuated that Nandini had been punished for interacting with Kamna. Maitree requested that Ashish take Nandini inside while she fetched a hot pack.

In Nandini’s room, Kamna paid her a visit and warned her that Ashish might catch them if they continued their activities. Kamna proposed a plan, requesting 10 lakh rupees from Nandini so she could meet the blackmailer and subsequently return the money after discovering their identity. Nandini agreed to provide the funds.

Disguised as someone else, Maitree arrived at the designated location and messaged Ashish, informing him of her presence. However, Ashish, who was massaging Nandini’s feet, received the message and responded that Nandini was preventing him from leaving, indicating that Maitree would have to handle the situation on her own. Suspicious, Nandini inquired about the person Ashish was conversing with, to which he lied, claiming it was a client.

Shortly after, Kamna arrived at the spot and announced her arrival with the money. Maitree, still in disguise, recognized the urgency of exposing Kamna in order to salvage her relationship with Harsh. Observing from a distance, Harsh witnessed the encounter between Maitree and Kamna. Kamna demanded to know who Harsh was and insisted he provide the evidence he possessed against her. Maitree, playing her role, stated that it was the first time someone had attempted to expose their true identities. She then questioned which evidence Kamna desired, recounting the crimes she had committed—trapping Madan, orchestrating her son’s marriage to Maitree to infiltrate Triveni Sadan, and manipulating him from a young age to fulfill her own objectives. Kamna grew tense, and the disguised Maitree proposed the option of exposing her to her son with concrete evidence. Fearing the consequences, Kamna implored Maitree not to do it and instructed her to accept the money and provide the evidence against her.

[Episode End]

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