Maitree 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Disguised Maitree approaching Sona, inquiring whether she desires him to expose her before Harsh with concrete evidence. Kamna intervenes, refusing the proposition and instead requesting evidence against accepting the money. Maitree discloses a change in plans, revealing intentions to send the evidence to her son. Kamna finds herself in a state of shock, impulsively attacking Disguised Maitree in an attempt to retrieve the evidence. Unbeknownst to her, Harsh witnesses the entire altercation.

As Kamna unveils a false beard and removes it, she is astounded to discover Maitree’s true identity. Sensing Harsh’s scrutiny, Kamna devises a plan to outsmart Maitree. She commences her act, casting Maitree as the culprit in Harsh’s eyes.

Harsh emerges from the scene, prompting Kamna to question his allegiance and accuse him of supporting Maitree while doubting her. Harsh reassures her, asserting that she has misunderstood him. Kamna argues that his doubt is evident and claims that Maitree’s love has triumphed, leaving her defeated. She laments the futility of life when trust is absent. Apologetically, Harsh admits to Kamna that he has learned the truth about Maitree through this encounter. Maitree interjects, suggesting that he is merely attempting to enlighten Harsh about his mother’s reality. Harsh concludes by expressing his disbelief in the person he once loved, stating that Maitree has shown him her true colors.

Maitree expresses that Maitree still holds love for both Harsh and his mother, but the distinction lies in the fact that Harsh’s love for his mother is unconditional and blinds him from seeing her true nature. In a moment of anger, Harsh raises his hand towards Maitree, but Kamna intervenes and reminds him that it’s not appropriate to raise a hand at his wife. She acknowledges that their issues stem from her presence and contemplates ending her life by jumping into the valley. Harsh stops her, confessing that he cannot imagine life without her, and they embrace. Kamna then fabricates a story to Harsh, claiming that she came to this place with money to save her family, but Maitree, her daughter-in-law, is manipulating and trapping her. She asks Harsh not to follow her and urges him to live happily with Maitree before leaving.

Maitree attempts to communicate with Harsh, but he dismisses her, stating that she has broken his trust and damaged their relationship. He departs, leaving Maitree devastated and in tears.

Kamna returns home in tears and contacts her husband, Madan, who inquires about the situation. Sona, overhearing Kamna’s story, casually munches on popcorn. Kamna reveals that even Harsh is doubting her due to his belief in Maitree. Overwhelmed, she decides to leave the house and starts packing her bags, paying no attention to Madan. Harsh arrives home and discovers Kamna with her luggage, questioning her intention to leave. Ashish arrives at the scene and asks for an explanation. Ignoring Madan, Kamna insists that her husband accompany her to Varanasi. Harsh declares that he won’t let her leave until she gains respect from the household. Maitree observes the situation silently. Kamna admits her failure to win a place in Maitree’s heart, claiming that Maitree has sided with the Tiwari family, and she doesn’t want to come between Harsh and Kamna. Maitree implores Harsh to believe what he witnessed. Harsh, in response, requests Maitree to stop causing trouble for his mother. Ashish wishes to support Maitree, but Nandini intervenes and prevents him. Harsh implores Kamna not to leave, and Kamna asks him to swear on her that he trusts her. Maitree pleads with Harsh not to do it. However, Harsh swears on Kamna, vowing never to doubt his mother again.

[Episode End]

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