Maitree 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Maitree recollecting the moment when Ashish revealed to her that Harsh’s father, Madan, is actually Sona’s first husband. In response, Ashish contacts Nandini and urges her to accompany him back home. Nandini, understanding that any drama is incomplete without her husband, decides to leave the place.

Observing Maitree’s refusal to marry him, Harsh’s mother inquires about the reason and expresses her intention to have a conversation with Maitree. Harsh escorts his mother indoors and questions her about whether his father is Tiwari and if she is his second wife. Harsh’s mother proceeds to divulge her past, explaining how she married Madan and shares instances of Sona insulting her when they visited the Tiwari mansion. She also mentions how Madan supported her during those difficult times. Harsh listens attentively, his face reflecting a mix of emotions.

Meanwhile, Maitree finds herself shedding tears as she gazes at her mehendi. Sensing her distress, Sadhna and Dinesh approach her and attempt to provide solace. Maitree questions why misfortune always seems to find its way into her life.

In a separate scene, Harsh’s mother assures him that once he marries Maitree, the two of them, along with Harsh’s parents, can leave for Benaras, severing all ties with the Tiwari family. Overwhelmed with emotions, Harsh embraces his mother, seeking comfort and reassurance.

Nandini made up her mind to confide in Sona about the matter at hand. However, Ashish intercepted her and pleaded with her not to ruin Sona’s mood by divulging the information. Reluctantly, Nandini agreed to Ashish’s request. Meanwhile, Sadhna expressed to Maitree that Mahadev had saved her from a disastrous situation and reassured her that he would find a suitable groom for Maitree. Their conversation was interrupted by the sound of a car horn. As Maitree stepped outside, she spotted Harsh. Declaring that she was no longer willing to listen to his deceitful words, Maitree confronted Harsh. To her surprise, Harsh confessed that he had only recently discovered the truth after his mother revealed it to him. Maitree questioned whether she could trust him and demanded proof. Harsh, swearing upon his mother’s name, asserted that he had never lied to her and implored her not to let the past ruin their future. Maitree asked Harsh to promise her that they would distance themselves from the Tiwari family. Harsh willingly promised that he would sever all ties with the Tiwaris and never ask Maitree to visit their house again. He then asked if she would agree to marry him. Maitree consented. Just as Dinesh and Sadhna arrived at the scene, Harsh informed them that everything had been resolved and he would return in the evening with the wedding procession.

Later, Maitree shared her decision with Ashish over the phone. Ashish inquired if she was certain about her choice, and Maitree confirmed her conviction. She invited him to attend the wedding, but Ashish regretfully explained that he needed to be present for his family and advised her to enjoy her special day. Unbeknownst to them, Nandini overheard their conversation.

Princy urges Maitree to prepare herself quickly. Maitree contemplates the need to speak with Sona before entering into matrimony. She requests Princy to handle things in her absence, assuring that she will be back before the arrival of the groom’s family with the wedding procession. Princy becomes anxious but ultimately acquiesces. Just as Maitree is about to depart, Harsh’s mother notices her and inquires about her destination. Maitree discloses that she intends to meet Sona, as she wishes to discuss her upcoming marriage to Harsh. Kamna advises Maitree against meeting Sona, to which Maitree reluctantly agrees. Soon after, Nandini enters Sona’s room, expressing the need to discuss an important matter with her. Curious, Sona asks Nandini what it entails.

[Episode End]

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