Maitree 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Sona expressing gratitude to God for Kamna being sent to jail. She proceeds to prepare Halwa as an offering for the deity. Just then, Maitree arrives and questions Sona about trapping her mother-in-law. Sona, maintaining her character, asserts that she never attacks anyone from behind and advises Maitree to inquire her mother-in-law about the stolen necklace. Maitree contemplates how Sona’s happiness could potentially be a façade to cover her own motives of blaming Kamna for her expulsion from the house. Determined to find evidence of Kamna’s innocence, Maitree ponders over her next course of action.

While observing Nandish engrossed in mobile games, Maitree advises him against excessive playing. Nandini joins them and urges Maitree not to teach Nandish, asserting that she can educate her mother-in-law about the immorality of stealing other people’s jewelry. Nandini then escorts Nandish away from the scene. Maitree realizes that Nandish has left his phone behind and decides to investigate its contents. To her astonishment, Maitree discovers footage of Kamna stealing Sona’s necklace. She contemplates whom she should confide in and the reasons behind Kamna’s actions.

Nandini lends a helping hand to Sona as they prepare Bhogh together. Overjoyed, Sona expresses her happiness to Nandini about Kamna’s departure from the house. However, their conversation is interrupted when Maitree hears the sound of Dhol. Intrigued, everyone gathers outside and witnesses Kamna’s unexpected return home. Madan instructs the Dhol players to leave, while Maitree approaches Kamna, concerned for her well-being. Kamna reassures Maitree that she is fine.

In a gesture of goodwill, Sona suggests giving Kamna a warm welcome by showering her with flowers. But she also mischievously smears ash on Kamna’s face. Harsh intervenes, urging Sona not to engage in such behavior. Tearfully, Kamna pleads with Sona not to harbor so much hatred towards her. Harsh then instructs Maitree to take his mother inside, informing her that he intends to meet with a lawyer. Maitree expresses her desire to talk to Harsh, but he dismisses her for the time being and leaves.

Maitree escorts Kamna to her room, where Kamna attempts to portray herself as innocent. Maitree, unsure of which side of Kamna to believe, questions her about the stolen jewelry found in Sona’s room. Kamna, in tears, questions whether Maitree doubts her, despite believing Sona’s accusations. Maitree then reveals the recorded video on Nandish’s phone as evidence and confronts Kamna. Kamna is left in shock by the revelation. Maitree warns her that if she doesn’t provide an explanation, she will seek answers from Harsh instead.

At that moment, Nandini arrives and cunningly makes Maitree stumble, seizing the opportunity to delete the video from Nandish’s phone. Kamna and Nandini exchange a victorious high-five. Kamna boldly admits to Maitree that she indeed stole Sona’s jewelry. Perplexed, Maitree questions Kamna about her motive behind the theft. Kamna confesses that Sona had labeled her a mistress and she aimed to take everything away from her, which is why she manipulated Maitree to enter this house. She also reveals that Nandini is her partner in crime. Shocked, Maitree turns to Nandini, demanding an explanation for betraying their family. Nandini coldly states that Ashish and Nandish are her true family and that she is willing to align with anyone to be rid of Maitree. The two of them dance together, celebrating their devious alliance. Maitree, determined, asks Kamna how she could exploit Harsh for her own gains and vows not to let it happen.

[Episode End]

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