Maitree 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds with Maitree diligently cleaning the floor, focusing on her task. Nandini catches sight of Maitree and takes the opportunity to make a comment about her. Unfazed, Maitree swiftly counters Nandini, asserting that she is not as cunning as her. Maitree firmly expresses her belief that Nandini’s actions are morally wrong. Nandini defends herself by claiming that she is merely following Sona’s instructions. She then goes on to demand that Maitree take her family and depart from the premises.

Undeterred, Maitree walks over to a nearby tree, gathers a few leaves, and carefully binds them together with a stick. Meanwhile, Madan approaches Maitree and inquires if she has found the Thaali for the Pooja (ritualistic offering). Maitree assures him that she is on her way and promptly leaves the area.

Elsewhere, Ashish approaches Sona, reminding her that Madan also holds a rightful place in the household. He respectfully requests that Sona refrain from attempting to obstruct the upcoming Pooja.

Maitree inquires Madan about the leaf-made item she prepared, questioning if it is sufficient. Madan assures her that it is indeed enough. Following this, Madan requests Maitree to sit down for the Pooja, and he proceeds to complete the ritual. Meanwhile, Ashish introduces Maitree to Nandini and admires her. Once the Pooja is concluded, Kamna urges Maitree to perform the Pehli rasoi ritual. Maitree agrees and heads to the kitchen.

To her surprise, Maitree discovers the absence of kitchen utensils. Nandish approaches Maitree and asks why she didn’t inform him about her arrival. Maitree reveals that she planned a surprise for him. Subsequently, Nandini intervenes and separates Nandish from Maitree.

In her thoughts, Sona expresses her intention to witness how Maitree handles her first cooking experience. Observing this, Madan instructs Kamna to check on Maitree’s progress as it is time to offer food to the Gods. Kamna arrives and realizes that Maitree hasn’t started anything yet, prompting her to question the delay. Maitree explains to Kamna that there is no gas supply. Kamna promises to discuss the issue with Madan, while Maitree decides to find an alternative solution. She discovers mangoes and buttermilk in the refrigerator and decides to make Mango Lassi as an offering to God.

Kamna informs Harsh that they have successfully performed the Gruh Pravesh (housewarming) ritual here, considering it as his victory. Kamna suggests that they should now depart for Benaras. However, Harsh disagrees with her proposal. Maitree intervenes and requests Harsh to calmly consider the situation, emphasizing the need to reassure the residents of this house that their lives will not be disrupted because of them. Eventually, Harsh agrees to Maitree’s perspective.

While Sona notices the luggage belonging to Harsh’s family, she impulsively discards it. Harsh discovers the broken photo frame of his parents and becomes angry at Sona. In this tense moment, Maitree advises Harsh to remain calm and composed.

Madan informs Sona that Harsh and Maitree require a room for rest. Sona cautions Madan against having high expectations from them. Madan reminds Sona that they own half of the house. Sona sarcastically comments on his statement, asserting that she won’t provide them with any room, and she departs from the conversation.

In the meantime, Ashish steps forward and offers his own room to Maitree, suggesting that they can sleep outside instead. However, Nandini disagrees with this proposal. Maitree also assures everyone that they will somehow manage the situation.

Ashish argues with Nandini about assigning the room to Maitree. Nandini comes up with a suggestion for Harsh, informing him about a vacant, locked room that no one is currently using. She suggests that if Maitree wishes, she can stay in that room. Upon hearing this, Ashish decides to talk to Sona.

Ashish approaches Sona and informs her about the available room. He proposes that one of them should move into that room and offer their own room to Maitree and Harsh, emphasizing that it wouldn’t be ideal for them to sleep outside on their first night. Sona reminds Ashish that she didn’t invite them to come here in the first place.

[Episode End]

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