Maitree 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Maitree carrying out her Vidaai ritual, bidding farewell to her family. Following the ritual, Maitree embraces her parents, reassuring Sadhna not to shed tears. She expresses that her marriage has fulfilled their dreams, urging them to remain joyful. Maitree then shares a heartfelt hug with her brother, while Harsh assures her parents that he will take good care of Maitree. Eventually, they depart from the scene.

During their journey, Maitree grasps Harsh’s hand for support and ponders the events unfolding at Triveni Sadan. She contemplates the potential turmoil upon their arrival, knowing that Sona won’t remain composed. Sona instructs her goons to attack anyone attempting to enter Triveni Sadan, receiving support from Nandini, Om, and Kusum. Ashish questions Sona’s decision to involve goons, to which she firmly states that no one will be allowed into their house. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, prompting Sona to assume that they have arrived earlier than expected. Filled with shock, Ashish opens the door, finding Madan and Kamna standing before him. Nandini pleads with Sona to prevent their entry.

Sona issues a menacing threat to Kamna, warning her that she’ll kill her if she dares to set foot inside her house. The tense situation attracts the attention of the police, who promptly arrive at the scene. Ashish intervenes, swiftly disarming Sona of the sword she wields. Om expresses his disappointment to Madan, stating that he hadn’t expected such behavior from him. In response, Madan asserts his right to the house, emphasizing that it is his as well. He informs the police that he holds a 50% share in the property and insists that his son and wife perform the Grihpravesh ceremony at Triveni Sadan as scheduled. The inspector inquires with Ashish regarding the truth of Madan’s claim, to which Ashish affirms its veracity. Sona, identifying herself as Madan’s wife, vehemently declares that she won’t allow her husband’s mistress to enter her home. Madan asserts that Kamna is his legitimate wife. Recognizing the issue as a family matter, the inspector suggests that they resolve it amongst themselves. At this juncture, some goons make inappropriate comments, prompting the police to apprehend and remove them from the scene.

Meanwhile, Maitree and Harsh arrive at Triveni Sadan. Madan instructs Kamna to make arrangements for Maitree and Harsh’s Griha Pravesh. Kamna attempts to enter the house, but Sona issues a stern warning, prohibiting her from doing so. Ashish intervenes, restraining Sona. Undeterred, Kamna presents a Kalash as a gesture of goodwill. Eventually, they manage to enter the house.

Maitree and Harsh make their entrance, greeted by Kamna, who welcomes them into their new home and urges Maitree to kick the Kalash and proceed inside. Holding Harsh’s hand, Maitree complies, symbolically kicking the Kalash and crossing the threshold into Triveni Sadan. Maitree acknowledges her respect for Sona but asserts that she won’t remain silent if the matter concerns her husband’s honor. Madan announces that the next step is to perform the puja. However, Sona firmly declares that she won’t permit them to conduct the ritual. Defiantly, Madan challenges anyone who dares to stop him. He escorts Maitree and Harsh to the mandir, instructing Kamna to gather the necessary items for the puja from the kitchen, to which Kamna complies. Nandini questions Sona as to why she isn’t stopping Kamna, to which Sona responds by gesturing towards the events that transpire. Observing that all the cupboards in the kitchen are locked, Kamna notices the Ghee and attempts to retrieve it, only to be tripped by Sona, who slyly places her foot in Kamna’s path. Fortunately, Maitree comes to Kamna’s rescue, preventing her from falling.

[Episode End]

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