Maitree 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Saransh engaged in a call, instructing his associate Vishwa to eliminate both Nandini and Maitree. Vishwa, holding a gun to Maitree’s head, prepares to carry out the sinister act. In a desperate plea, Maitree implores for divine intervention, fervently praying to God for assistance. Meanwhile, at home, Sona chants the sacred Hanuman Ji mantra. As Vishwa is on the verge of executing Maitree, a heroic figure named Bajrangi emerges, rushing to her aid. He firmly urges Vishwa to release Maitree, but Vishwa adamantly refuses. Unyielding, Bajrangi single-handedly defeats Saransh’s henchmen, ensuring the safety of Maitree and Nandini.

Expressing her gratitude, Maitree curiously inquires about the identity of her savior. Bajrangi introduces himself as an ardent devotee of Lord Ram, Bajrangi. Accommodating Maitree and Nandini in his auto, he inquires about the troubling circumstances they have encountered. Maitree proceeds to recount the distressing tale of her husband’s abduction by Saransh. Assuring her of his assistance, Bajrangi pledges to aid her in this ordeal.

Meanwhile, Saransh reprimands his men for their failure to retain Maitree. He firmly believes that Maitree’s life, Harsh, is the key to her eventual return. Bajrangi escorts Maitree and the unconscious Nandini to his residence, providing them with shelter and safety. Sensing Maitree’s concern for her husband, who has a mere 48 hours left, Bajrangi decides to venture out and uncover Harsh’s whereabouts. Maitree places her trust in him but requests that he refrains from punishing Saransh without her knowledge, as she wishes to have a say in determining his fate. Bajrangi agrees to her request and seeks advice on how to convince Harsh that he is indeed Maitree’s ally. Maitree hands him one of her earrings, instructing him to present it to Harsh as proof. Accepting the task, Bajrangi departs, ready to embark on his mission.

Kusum urges Sona to have something to eat, trying to halt her journey on the path she’s embarked upon. However, Sona remains steadfast in her refusal. In a covert manner, Bajrangi infiltrates Saransh’s factory, managing to reach Harsh without the knowledge of Saransh’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Maitree tends to the unconscious Nandini, unaware of Harsh’s presence.

Curious about Bajrangi’s identity, Harsh queries him. In response, Bajrangi presents Harsh with Maitree’s earring, informing him that Maitree sent him to gather information about his whereabouts. Concerned for Maitree’s well-being, Harsh inquires about her condition. Bajrangi reassures him that she is fine. However, Saransh spots Bajrangi and swiftly binds him to a pillar. Discovering his name to be Bajrangi, Saransh taunts him, challenging him to display his strength. Unfazed, Bajrangi shatters the pillar, leaving Saransh terrified. Saransh commands his subordinate to set Bajrangi on fire, but Bajrangi notices the fire reaching the rope. Taking advantage of the situation, he sets ablaze to Saransh’s factory before making his escape.

Returning to Maitree, Bajrangi apprises her of Harsh’s condition. He declares that they must rescue Harsh the following day. Ready for the impending battle, Maitree swears upon her Sindoor that she will save her husband. Moved by her determination, Bajrangi promises Maitree that he will reunite her with her husband.

[Episode End]

Precap : Saransh patiently anticipates Maitree’s arrival.

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