Maitree 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Maitree receiving a call from Harsh. Harsh inquires about her whereabouts, to which Maitree responds that she has just arrived at the hospital. Harsh informs her that Fake Ashish is suspicious of her and is wandering around her room. Maitree requests Harsh to handle Ashish until she returns home. Harsh assures her that he will manage and advises her to take care of herself. Maitree agrees and instructs him to look after himself as well.

Feigning dizziness, Maitree is assisted by the receptionist, who fetches water for her. While waiting, Maitree seizes the opportunity to examine the file the nurse had given to the receptionist and discreetly snaps a photo of Tripati’s address. Meanwhile, Fake Ashish is determined to discover Maitree’s actions. Nandini notices Ashish’s distraction and questions him about it. Ashish expresses his suspicion that Maitree is deceiving them regarding the puja ritual. Just as Maitree arrives at Tripati’s house, she receives a call from Ashish. Nandini informs Ashish that Maitree won’t be able to answer any calls as she needs to complete the Jaap (prayer). Harsh keenly observes Ashish’s growing agitation.

A delivery person arrives to deliver a parcel to Tripathi. Tripathi’s wife accepts the package. Maitree enters the house and confronts them about their hidden secrets. She proceeds to Tripati’s room, where he is counting money. Upon seeing Maitree, Tripati hastily contacts Harsh. In an attempt to disrupt the call, Harsh accidentally knocks Ashish’s phone, resulting in a damaged display. As Tripati tries to escape, he pushes Maitree aside. However, Dinesh and his team arrive at the scene, apprehending Tripati.

After the cake-cutting ceremony, the guests bid farewell and leave Tiwari’s house. Shortly after, Nandini arrives and informs everyone that Maitree is not at home but she has recorded her confession on a tape recorder. Sona inquires about Maitree’s whereabouts, just as Maitree returns home, asserting her presence. Curious about her injuries and her destination, Nandini questions Maitree, who explains that she went out for the sake of their family.

Maitree proceeds to remove the garland from Saaransh’s picture, prompting Sona to question why she would remove the garland from a picture of a deceased person. Maitree retorts, asking why they would place a garland around someone who is alive. She reveals that Saaransh is indeed alive and the person they know as Ashish is actually Saaransh himself. Sona, thinking Maitree is joking, urges her not to play such pranks. However, Maitree asserts that she has evidence to support her claims.

Maitree summons Dinesh and his team, who arrive accompanied by Dr. Tripati. Maitree implores Tripati to speak the truth, affirming that the person they believe to be Ashish is actually Saaransh. Everyone is taken aback by this revelation. Sona turns to Dinesh and informs him that Saaransh is also responsible for her suffering. She declares that she will confront him and demand answers until the police apprehend him with an arrest warrant. Dinesh agrees and departs with Tripati and his team.

Nandini questions the imposter, Fake Ashish, asking if he is not her real Ashish. Saaransh remains silent. Maitree urges Saaransh to tell the truth, but he instead closes the main door. Saaransh asks why they are demanding the truth from him when they have already discovered it. He seeks Sona’s blessings and reminds her that he is a part of their family. Saaransh admits that he is, in fact, Saaransh Tiwari and questions why they left him in the hospital without confirming if he was alive or not. He turns to Maitree and warns her that while she may have won round one, there will be another round. Maitree asserts that Harsh will ultimately lose as his intentions are misguided.

[Episode End]

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