Maitree 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Kamna, filled with despair, attempting to harm herself using a fire log. Harsh, Maitree, and their family frantically intervene, desperately trying to dissuade her. Kamna reveals that Sona had labeled her as a mistress, causing her immense pain and making her feel unable to endure the insult, hence, she wishes to end her life. Madan implores her not to go through with it, but she persists, persisting with her attempt to set herself on fire. In that critical moment, Harsh and Maitree exchange meaningful glances, understanding each other’s thoughts. Harsh collapses to his knees, beseeching Kamna, while Maitree swiftly takes the fire log from Kamna’s grasp. Together, Maitree and Harsh provide solace and support to Kamna, urging her to disregard Sona’s hurtful words. Harsh declares that Sona’s words have deeply affected his mother, and he is determined to confront Sona and settle the matter.

Meanwhile, Ashish contemplates his actions, particularly the regrettable act of slapping Nandini. Concerned, Om and Kusum approach Ashish, explaining the gravity of his mistake and advising him to apologize to Nandini. Kusum also reveals that Nandini has refrained from eating as well. Realizing the impact of his actions, Ashish agrees to speak with Nandini and offer his apology.

In the midst of this turmoil, Harsh resolves to teach Sona a lesson by heading to Tiwari Nivas, despite Maitree and Kamna’s attempts to dissuade him.

Nandini contemplated while eating her food, her mind consumed with thoughts of how Ashish might slap her for Maitree. Just then, she heard footsteps approaching, causing her to quickly hide her meal. As Ashish entered the room carrying a plate of food, he offered his apologies to Nandini for his previous act of slapping her and promised never to repeat such behavior again. Understanding his remorse, she forgave him. Ashish then lovingly fed her a few bites of food.

Feeling a sense of unease, Nandini requested Ashish to make a promise to her. Before he could respond, the sound of knocking interrupted their conversation, prompting them to step out of the room.

To their surprise, Harsh stood before them, disregarding Ashish’s request to leave. He proceeded to call Sona, who emerged from the shadows, eyeing Harsh with disdain. Sona exclaimed, “I told you this snake would come!” and proceeded to make derogatory comments about Harsh. In response, Harsh mentioned that Dad had abandoned Sona, warning that he might resort to suicide.

Meanwhile, Om contacted Maitree over the phone, informing her about Harsh’s disruptive behavior at their location. Maitree was taken aback by the news. Ashish and Om attempted to intervene and calm Harsh and Sona down. However, Harsh aggressively shoved Om. This triggered Ashish, who lost his temper and confronted Harsh, questioning his audacity to raise his hand against his own father. In a fit of rage, Ashish pushed Harsh, while Maitree managed to hold him back.

Maitree demanded an explanation from Ashish, asking why he was behaving so aggressively. Ashish, still seething, reiterated his question to Harsh, demanding to know why he had assaulted his father. Harsh, realizing his mistake, claimed it was accidental and sincerely apologized to Ashish. However, Ashish rebuffed his apologies, insisting they were unnecessary. The two engaged in a heated argument, eventually grabbing each other by the collar.

Sona arrives and proceeds to cleanse the house with the sacred Gangajal. She then instructs Harsh to vacate the premises. In response, Maitree implores Harsh to accompany her elsewhere. Harsh firmly states that he cannot depart without informing Sona of his decision. Curious, Sona inquires about his intentions. Harsh reveals his choice to remain at Tiwari’s house along with his wife and family. Maitree is taken aback as Harsh breaks his promise. Determined, Sona declares that she will not permit them to enter her home. She urges Maitree to make her husband comprehend the gravity of the situation, warning that failure to do so will result in Maitree having to wear a white saree once again. Maitree is shocked by the ultimatum. Harsh reaches out and takes hold of Maitree’s hand.

[Episode End]

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