Maitree 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Maitree and Harsh arriving at the hospital. Maitree earnestly prays to God, overwhelmed with anticipation as Ashish is finally returning home after a long six-month absence.

Meanwhile, Sona and Kusum engage in a conversation about Nandini’s profound longing for Ashish. They discuss how she diligently performed Pooja for Ashish’s well-being throughout those arduous six months, even refraining from consuming rice.

The scene transitions to Nandini fervently conducting the Pooja ritual. With great devotion, she blows the Sacred conch, symbolizing the auspiciousness of the moment. Simultaneously, the doctor proceeds to remove the bandages from Ashish’s face. Harsh and Maitree find themselves astonished by Ashish’s transformed appearance.

Sona busies herself with the preparations to warmly welcome Ashish back home. Meanwhile, Maitree and Harsh find themselves grappling with the dilemma of how to reveal the truth to Nandini. Sensing Nandini’s growing anticipation, she queries Harsh and Maitree about Ashish’s whereabouts. Ashish confidently steps forward, stating that he is present. Nandini’s countenance is filled with disbelief and shock.

In her disoriented state, Nandini takes a few steps back and vehemently declares that the man before her is not Ashish. Maitree attempts to calm Nandini down, urging her to regain control of herself. As the tension mounts, Sona, Om, and Kusum emerge, carrying a ceremonial Thali to welcome Ashish. However, Sona accidentally drops the welcoming Thali, exclaiming that the man standing before them cannot possibly be their beloved Ashish.

Later, Maitree discloses to the family members that the doctor had informed them of Ashish’s severe facial burns, prompting them to provide him with a new face through reconstructive surgery. Ashish himself admits that he struggled to recognize his own reflection and jokingly comments on the situation. Kusum asserts that despite the changed appearance, he is undeniably their Ashish. Maitree, skeptical, challenges Ashish to undergo a test to prove his identity. The imposter Ashish signs a paper, but Maitree notices that his signature does not match the original. Doubt lingers in the air as Om examines the signature and confirms its authenticity, stating that it matches Ashish’s signature used in banks. Nandini, recognizing the signature, reassures everyone that it is indeed Ashish’s sign. Maitree gazes on, contemplating the unfolding events.

Maitree approaches New Ashish, requesting his assistance in tying her shoelace. Without hesitation, he bends down and deftly ties the lace for her. Witnessing this act, Kusum declares that he is her Ashish, prompting Ashish to embrace her warmly. However, Maitree confides in Ashish, expressing her inner turmoil and her struggle to accept him as the real Ashish. In an attempt to reassure her, Ashish sings their cherished friendship signature song, urging Maitree to trust him without doubt.

Seeking to win over Nandini, Ashish kneels before her, recreating a cherished moment from their past and presenting her with a bouquet of roses. Overjoyed, Nandini embraces him wholeheartedly, finally acknowledging him as her true Ashish. Nandini and Kusum implore Maitree to accept Ashish, recognizing his authenticity and the happiness he brings to their lives.

Later, Harsh advises Maitree to let go of her reservations about Ashish, highlighting the fact that everyone else has recognized him as the real Ashish. However, Maitree struggles to convince herself, grappling with her lingering doubts. Harsh comments on her uncertainties, further fueling her internal conflict. Meanwhile, Nandini lovingly embraces Ashish from behind, but New Ashish feels uneasy, expressing his need for some personal space. Nandini understands and offers an apology for doubting him. Ashish agrees and inquires about the whereabouts of Nandish, learning that he is away at a summer camp. Exhausted, Ashish retreats to rest, while Maitree ponders the reason why her heart refuses to accept the person who has entered their home as Ashish.

Unbeknownst to everyone, an imposter posing as Ashish notices Nandini asleep and proceeds upstairs with a stash of drugs. He surreptitiously injects himself, aiming to maintain his charade. Just as he completes his deceitful act, Maitree emerges, catching him red-handed in the midst of his nefarious scheme.

[Episode End]

Precap : Maitree firmly expresses her intention to expose the individual claiming to be Ashish, whom she believes is an imposter. Despite his insistence that he is indeed Ashish, Maitree remains unconvinced and does not accept his claim.

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