Maitree 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Saransh warning Maitree that the electric current will prove fatal for all of them. In response, Maitree pleads with Saransh to spare his men at least. However, Saransh remains resolute, claiming that everyone will meet their demise. Without hesitation, he tosses the live wires into the water and departs. The group observes the water rapidly approaching them, signaling imminent danger. Recognizing the urgency, Nandini urges them to find a way to escape.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, Bheema entrusts Maitree with a weapon and implores her to eliminate the villainous Ravan, Saransh. In an act of selflessness, Bheema sacrifices his own life to ensure the safety of Maitree and the others. Bajrangi voices the need for Saransh to face justice, urging Maitree to take action.

Meanwhile, Saransh contemplates that his adversaries may have already succumbed to the fatal electric shock. Suddenly, Maitree appears before him, calling out Saransh’s name with a determined voice. Back at home, Sona remarks that the time has come for Ravan’s demise at the hands of Ram. Maitree swiftly releases an arrow, striking Saransh’s heart. As a result, Saransh loses his balance and plummets into the depths of the valley through a window. Bajrang proclaims that the chapter involving Saransh has reached its conclusion. Sona draws a parallel to Ram’s victory over Ravan and his successful rescue of Sita. Overwhelmed with emotion, Harsh embraces Maitree, who falls unconscious in his arms. Concern envelops the group as they anxiously watch over her.

At their residence, the doctor conducts a check-up on Maitree, who regains consciousness and inquires about the reason for her sudden unconsciousness. Sona and the others express concern for Maitree’s well-being. The doctor exits the room and brings Harsh inside. Curious about his wife’s condition, Harsh asks the doctor for an update. The doctor suggests that it would be better if Harsh hears the news from Maitree herself and departs. Maitree places Harsh’s hand on her stomach, signaling to him that they are expecting a child. Overwhelmed with joy, Harsh enthusiastically mentions his intention to share the news with everyone. However, Maitree interrupts him and proposes a surprise for their loved ones.

The family members discover a collection of puzzle letters, which Nandini reads aloud, revealing Maitree’s pregnancy. The household brims with happiness, and Maitree and Harsh join the gathering. They decide to celebrate with a special family dinner.

Later, Maitree enters her room and discovers that Harsh has beautifully decorated it for her. Expressing his desire for a child who takes after her, Harsh encourages Maitree to open the gifts he prepared one by one. As Maitree unwraps the presents, her delight grows upon seeing items related to the baby. She expresses her happiness to Harsh and reveals a surprise of her own—an assortment of things she has collected for their upcoming arrival. Touched by Maitree’s thoughtfulness, Harsh reciprocates by gifting her a diamond necklace. Maitree admires its beauty, but Harsh insists that she is even more beautiful and lovingly helps her put it on.

Dinesh arrives home with gifts and extends his congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments. Maitree inquires about Sachin’s well-being, and Dinesh assures her that he is doing well. They all celebrate joyously around Maitree, with Nandini becoming emotional. Concerned, Maitree asks Nandini what is wrong, and Nandini admits missing Ashish. However, she promises everyone that she will ensure no one feels Ashish’s absence. Nandini asks Maitree to promise her that she will have equal rights and involvement in the baby’s life. Maitree happily assures her friend that it goes without saying and they share a meaningful moment that signifies their bond, while fondly remembering Ashish. Harsh joins them, and the entire family showers Maitree with love and affection. Maitree seeks Ram Ji’s blessings for their family’s well-being in this new chapter of their lives.

[Episode End]

Precap : Maitree is devastated when she discovers that her baby has mysteriously vanished. Harsh firmly believes that Saransh is the person responsible for this heart-wrenching incident.

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