Maitree 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kamna sternly instructing Maitree to cease speaking. She issues a warning to Maitree, emphasizing the importance of keeping quiet. Curious about the situation, Kamna queries Harsh, inquiring about what transpired. Reminding Harsh of the immense sacrifices she made to raise him, Kamna questions how he could possibly suspect her. Harsh, having witnessed Kamna’s attempt to harm Maitree with his own eyes, asks Kamna what alternative choice she provided. He castigates Kamna for her behavior, expressing his disapproval. Madan interjects, stating that Kamna couldn’t have acted alone. Ashish supports Madan’s statement, accusing his wife Nandini of being an accomplice in the attempted murder of Maitree. Addressing Nandini, Ashish asks her to confirm whether he is right or wrong. Nandini remains silent, desperately pleading with Ashish and asserting her innocence in the murder attempt. She implores Ashish to trust her. Nevertheless, Ashish makes a remark and decisively announces his intention to divorce Nandini. Despite Maitree’s efforts to dissuade Ashish from his decision, he remains steadfast and resolute. Ashish departs from the scene, with Nandini trailing after him. Observing the situation, Harsh informs Kamna that Maitree will determine her own punishment. Maitree, in a sarcastic comment, highlights the extent of Harsh’s love for Kamna. She declares to Harsh that Kamna holds no value without his support. Sona praises the punishment meted out to Kamna, stating that it is fitting for her to be separated from her loved ones and left without anyone to care for her.

During a phone conversation, Harsh engages in a discussion about the divorce papers with another lawyer. Meanwhile, Maitree approaches Ashish and deliberately shatters a snow globe in front of him. Using it as a metaphor, she emphasizes that once he divorces Nandini, there will be no chance of reconciliation. In response, Ashish firmly states that regardless of the circumstances, Nandini has no right to take someone’s life. Maitree counters by suggesting that Nandini’s actions were driven by her love for him. She further expresses her belief that if she were in Ashish’s position, she wouldn’t leave Nandini, as she perceives truth in Nandini’s love. Maitree then departs from the scene, unaware that Nandini has overheard their conversation.

Haunted by what occurred, Harsh experiences guilt for his mistreatment of Maitree. He finds it difficult to maintain eye contact with her due to his actions. Sensing his distress, Maitree offers her support and consolation. Harsh sincerely apologizes to Maitree and vows to make amends. He announces his decision to leave Triveni Sadan and Maitree advises him to consider it calmly rather than out of anger. Harsh reassures her that he has thought through his decision with a composed mind.

Later, Sona makes a comment about Harsh, prompting him and Maitree to approach her with their packed luggage. They inform Sona of their choice to depart from Triveni Sadan. Maitree humbly asks for Sona’s blessings, to which Sona expresses her feelings of considering Maitree as her own daughter. Sona also reveals that she had regarded Harsh as her son and inquires whether he would reciprocate the sentiment. Harsh willingly accepts Sona as his mother, solidifying their bond.

[Episode End]

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