Maitree 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sona displaying rude behavior towards Maitree upon seeing Harsh. Sona explicitly tells Maitree to stay away from the kitchen and Puja’s room from now on. She pleads with Nandini to ensure that Maitree is forbidden from entering the kitchen. However, Harsh intervenes and defends Maitree, stating that she is free to go wherever she wants. Sona retaliates by claiming that Harsh has only known Maitree for two months, while they have known her for several years, insinuating that they understand Maitree’s negative traits better. Unfazed by Sona’s comments, Harsh confronts her and firmly asserts that Maitree became a part of their lives as his wife. He sternly warns Sona that he will not tolerate anyone disrespecting Maitree and even threatens physical harm to those who dare to do so. Sona makes a sarcastic remark before storming off.

Maitree expresses her gratitude to Harsh, and he responds by telling her not to consider herself irreplaceable. He clarifies that he would stand up for anyone in her position.

Kamna confides in Nandini, expressing her confusion about Harsh’s sudden change in attitude towards Maitree after seeing her in tears. Meanwhile, Sona communicates with Maitree via Bluetooth, suggesting that Harsh’s anger towards her diminished upon witnessing her distress. Maitree responds by asserting that Harsh couldn’t stay angry at her for long and firmly believes that he still loves her just as much. Nandini acknowledges the potential difficulties they may face if Harsh reconciles with Maitree. Kamna declares her determination to generate so much hatred for Maitree within Harsh that he will never love her again. Kamna and Nandini observe Maitree diligently cleaning the house, leading Kamna to comment that Sona has reduced Maitree to the role of a mere servant in the household.

Sona gathers everyone in the hall, calling for their attention. With a serious expression, she announces that she has made a decision regarding Kamna, referring to her as her Sautan. This declaration shocks Om, who questions the sudden change in Sona’s demeanor. Sona quickly clarifies that she hasn’t finished speaking yet. Turning to Harsh, she states that she is willing to accept him as a member of their family and forgive Madan, restoring his rights in the house. However, this comes with a condition, which she proceeds to reveal.

Curiosity piqued, Om inquires about the nature of this condition. Sona reveals that Maitree must leave the house in order for her terms to be met. Maitree, desperate to remain with her family, falls to her knees and pleads with Sona not to separate her from them. Despite her emotional plea, Sona remains steadfast and denies Maitree’s request.

Harsh, declaring that Maitree is his wife, asserts that she will not be forced to leave, refusing to abandon her. Kamna intervenes, urging Harsh to distance himself from the situation. However, Harsh insists that it concerns him as well. Sona warns them that if they do not comply, they will not receive their rights. With that said, she leaves the room, leaving a feeling of helplessness lingering in Kamna’s heart.

Meanwhile, Maitree, engaged in a phone call with Sona, reveals that their plan is progressing flawlessly. Nandini informs Kamna that Ashish is absent due to High Court work, creating an opportune moment to remove Maitree from their lives. However, Harsh’s unwillingness to cooperate frustrates their efforts. Determined, Kamna believes that Maitree has somehow cast a spell on her son but vows to make him listen to her. Kusum calls Nandini, diverting her attention momentarily. Instructing Kamna to take charge of the cooking, Nandini hurries to attend to Kusum.

As Harsh drives home, he finds himself lost in thoughts of his past moments with Maitree. Overwhelmed by his emotions, he decides to cancel his scheduled meeting and returns home earlier than anticipated. Knocking on the door, he calls out to Maitree, requesting her to open it. Kamna arrives and becomes visibly angry. Suppressing her anger, she guides Harsh away, attempting to incite him against Maitree. Unbeknownst to them, Maitree, on the phone with Sona, seeks her support for their final plan. Sona assures her that she has their support, both human and divine, and guarantees Maitree’s victory in the upcoming events.

[Episode End]

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