Maitree 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds as Harsh arrives at Maitree’s house under the cover of night. He deliberately creates a commotion near her window, catching Maitree’s attention. Recognizing him, she grants him access, allowing him to enter her abode. Curiosity piqued, Maitree inquires about the reason for his unexpected visit at such a late hour. With sincerity radiating from his expression, Harsh lowers himself to one knee before her and bares his heart, revealing his deep desire to become her life partner. He solemnly pledges his unwavering honesty, assuring Maitree that he will never deceive her. Finally, he gathers the courage to pop the question, asking if she would consent to marrying him. Maitree responds by nodding affirmatively, signifying her agreement. Overwhelmed with joy, Harsh gently slides a ring onto her finger and tenderly kisses her hand, causing Maitree to blush and retreat into her bashfulness.

The following day, Sadhna escorts Maitree to the Haldi ceremony. Harsh catches sight of her and signals that she looks stunning. Maitree blushes in response. Sadhna lovingly applies the auspicious turmeric paste to Maitree, showering her with blessings for a joyous and emotional future. Nandini joins them, playfully urging Sadhna to save some tears for the farewell ritual. With a smile, Sadhna departs from the scene. Nandini takes up the task, smearing Haldi on Maitree while remarking, “I hope this marriage lasts, unlike the previous one.” She wonders aloud if Ashish has arrived to see Maitree. Nandini suggests he might be parking the car. As Maitree ponders Nandini’s thoughts, Ashish arrives at the Haldi function. He proceeds to apply Haldi on Maitree and urgently requests her to step aside for an important conversation. Maitree suggests waiting until the Haldi ritual concludes, but Ashish insists it cannot wait. Curiosity piqued, Maitree follows him. Observing Maitree’s sudden departure, Harsh wonders why she is leaving midway. However, his mother intercepts him, preventing him from pursuing Maitree.

Ashish approached Maitree inquisitively, inquiring about her knowledge regarding Harsh. Maitree confidently claimed to possess comprehensive knowledge about Harsh and his family. However, Ashish proceeded to disclose an unsettling truth: Harsh’s father, Madan, is actually named Tiwari and was Sona’s first husband. He had learned this information and felt compelled to share it with Maitree, hoping to spare her from encountering a situation reminiscent of past experiences. Maitree dismissed it as a mere misunderstanding, but Ashish remained resolute, substantiating his claim by presenting a photograph of Madan together with Sona. The sudden revelation left Maitree utterly astonished, while Nandini secretly reveled in the success of her plan. Seeking clarification, Maitree inquired whether Sona was aware of this truth. Ashish confirmed that she was not, emphasizing his intention to inform Maitree and leaving the subsequent course of action entirely up to her discretion.

Fueled by anger, Maitree stormed off to confront Harsh. Upon encountering him, Harsh innocently questioned whether she had come to apply Haldi (turmeric paste) as part of a wedding ritual. However, Maitree boldly declared that their marriage would no longer proceed, shocking everyone present. Perplexed, Harsh pleaded with Maitree to divulge the cause behind her abrupt decision, urging her to share the thoughts swirling in her mind. Maitree responded by accusing him of toying with her emotions, leaving Harsh bewildered as he asked her to explain his alleged transgressions. Maitree, unwavering, pointed out that he had concealed the fact that his father was Tiwari, Sona’s husband, and that his mother was Madan’s second wife. Harsh vehemently denied the accusations, deeming them nonsensical, and clarified that his father’s name was Madan Pandit, not Tiwari. Maitree branded him as an impostor, prompting Harsh to question the source of her information. Maitree revealed that Ashish had been the one to disclose this alleged truth. Harsh adamantly dismissed it as a lie, defending his integrity.

[Episode End]

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