Maitree 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kamna spotting Maitree holding the Katori bowl, containing the poison she had added earlier. A sinister smile creeps across Kamna’s face. Meanwhile, Harsh accidentally spills Prashad on his shirt and rushes to clean it. Just as Maitree is about to consume the Prashad, the weather abruptly changes. Sensing the shift, Sona urges Maitree to protect Diya near Ram Ji. Agreeing with determination, Maitree hastily places the Prashad on the table and hurries to guard Diya, positioning her hands around her protectively.

In the midst of the commotion, Harsh approaches the table, perplexed as to which Katori belongs to him. Unaware of the danger, he unknowingly selects Maitree’s toxic Katori and takes a bite.

Disguised as Kamna, a cunning figure approaches Maitree and urges her to eat her Prashad. Maitree obligingly walks over to the table and reaches for the Prashad, only to notice that the ants on the table have perished due to the poisonous offering. Realization dawns upon her that one of the Katoris contains the lethal Prashad. She anxiously inquires with everyone present, asking if anyone had taken a different Katori from the table, but each person denies having done so.

Maitree witnesses a shocking sight as she catches Harsh consuming Prashad laced with poison. Acting swiftly, she snatches the plate from Harsh and reveals the distressing truth that he has consumed the deadly Kheer. Confused and concerned, Harsh and Sona inquire about Maitree’s revelation, while Kamna is left bewildered by the unfolding events. However, Kamna soon discloses her true identity and pleads with everyone to save her son, confessing her own involvement in poisoning the Kheer. The situation takes a turn for the worse as Harsh begins vomiting blood, causing worry to grip everyone present. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Ashish urgently contacts a doctor.

Maitree wastes no time in explaining Harsh’s condition to the doctor, who urges her to bring him to the hospital immediately and emphasizes the importance of keeping his eyes open. Overwhelmed with concern, Maitree weeps for Harsh, imploring him not to close his eyes. Desperate to keep Harsh awake, she splashes water on his face. Kamna, yearning to approach her son, is cautioned by Om to stay away. Despite his deteriorating state, Harsh requests his family members not to file a police complaint against his mother. Kamna weeps inconsolably, while Ashish assures Maitree that he will join them in a separate vehicle, arranging for Maitree, Sona, and Harsh to travel together. Inquiring about Nandini, Om asks Ashish about her whereabouts. Ashish heads indoors to retrieve Nandini, encountering Kamna in the process. He confronts her, holding her responsible for her current state and taunting her. Kamna vows to bring ruin upon the Tiwari family if any harm befalls her son, advising Ashish to prioritize finding his wife. Shocked by her words, Ashish sets out to search for his wife.

Meanwhile, as Maitree struggles to keep Harsh awake during their journey, Ashish continues his quest to locate Nandini. Eventually, he arrives at a locked room, breaking down the door to find Nandini unconscious and tied to a chair. Ashish swiftly unties her and attempts to revive her. Back in the moving car, Maitree attempts to apply the brakes but finds them unresponsive. In a desperate bid to save people along the way, she swerves the car, ultimately colliding with a tree, causing a devastating accident.

[Episode End]

Precap : Nandini desperately implores Maitree to rescue Ashish as they both become overwhelmed by fear. Suddenly, a deafening explosion echoes through the air, intensifying their anguish as they call out for Ashish.

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