Maitree 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Saransh instructing his men to locate Bajrangi. He commands his henchmen to prevent anyone from getting close to Harsh and orders them to provide food for Harsh. Maitree assures Harsh that she will come to rescue him, urging him to wait for her tonight. As Harsh notices Maitree’s earring, he expresses his anticipation for her arrival. One of Saransh’s men insists that Harsh should eat his meal, warning that he may die otherwise, and then departs. Overcome by his longing for Maitree, Harsh decides to eat the food.

The following day, Maitree, Nandini, and Bajrangi infiltrate Saransh’s factory, employing stealth to gain entry. Bajrangi discloses Harsh’s location to Maitree, urging her to rescue him while he distracts Saransh’s henchmen. Maitree agrees to the plan, and Bajrangi takes down Saransh’s henchmen with force. Nandini finds herself amazed by his incredible strength.

Maitree entered the room where Harsh was held captive, quickly untying him and urging him to come along so they could escape. Surprisingly, Saransh grabbed hold of Maitree’s hand, revealing his face and confidently stating that he knew she would come. Maitree was taken aback by this revelation. Saransh declared that this place was his Lanka, a stronghold of sorts. His henchmen then brought Nandini and Bajrangi, who were also being held captive.

Desperate to find out Harsh’s whereabouts, Maitree implored Saransh to reveal his location. With a smirk, Saransh disclosed his plans to send Harsh back to where he came from by killing him. Undeterred, Maitree urged Saransh to spare Harsh’s life and offered her own in exchange. Saransh questioned if she truly had the courage to go through with it. Maitree, hoping to see Harsh one last time, pleaded with Saransh to grant her a brief meeting with him. Saransh, intrigued by her negotiation, agreed to allow Maitree two minutes with Harsh, instructing his men to accompany her. Maitree attempted to sway one of Saransh’s men, but he remained unyielding.

Upon reaching Harsh, Maitree found him unconscious on the floor. She gently woke him, and his face lit up with joy upon seeing her. Harsh expressed his wish for Maitree to keep him alive in her memories if he were to die. Maitree reassured him, promising that nothing would happen to him and that they would safely return home together. Unfortunately, Harsh fell unconscious once again. Maitree, determined to sacrifice herself without Harsh’s knowledge, requested Saransh’s man to escort her to Saransh himself. The man agreed to her plan.

Saransh taunted Maitree as she approached him. In response, Maitree pointed out his negative qualities, emphasizing that he never considered the well-being of his family. Saransh acknowledged his mistakes but defended his actions, claiming that he did what he loved. Aware of the limited time she had left, Maitree urged Saransh to remember her words as she prepared to meet her demise within the next five minutes. Saransh left to retrieve drugs, providing an opportunity for Bajrangi and Nandini to free themselves from Saransh’s men. They swiftly reached Maitree with Harsh and set her free. Their intention was to escape, but Saransh appeared once again, vowing to kill them all using an electric current.

[Episode End]

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