Maitree 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dinesh expressing his concerns to Sadhna about the challenging task of organizing a wedding within three days. He states his desire to make Maitree’s marriage a grand affair. In response, Sadhna suggests seeking guidance from the reliable astrologer, Madan, and encourages Dinesh to take charge of the arrangements. Meanwhile, Maitree hears the sound of a doorbell and hastens to answer it. Her face lights up with joy upon seeing Ashish and Nandish at the door. She warmly welcomes them inside. While observing Sadhna’s preparations, Ashish hopes that his presence will not cause any disruptions. Sensing his apprehension, Sadhna excuses herself to prepare tea for their guests. Inquisitive, Ashish asks Maitree if they are attending a wedding. To his surprise, Maitree reveals that she herself is getting married to Harsh in just three days. Startled, Ashish inquires about when this decision was made. Maitree proceeds to explain the recent turn of events and assures him of her certainty in choosing Harsh as her life partner. Curious, Ashish questions why she hadn’t informed him earlier. Maitree explains that the arrangements had just been finalized, and she was about to inform him. Expressing his happiness for her, Ashish extends his congratulations.

Ashish arrived home with a box of sweets, eager to share the joyous news with his family. As he distributed the sweets among his family members, Kusum couldn’t contain her curiosity and asked, “What’s the good news?” With a smile on his face, Ashish responded, “Maitree is getting married to Harsh.”

Upon hearing the news, Sona couldn’t help but express her optimism, saying, “That’s great! If she gets married, perhaps our household problems will be resolved too.” However, Nandini had a different perspective and remarked, “It’s good if she gets married, at least then she won’t try to snatch someone else’s husband.”

Ashish and Nandini found themselves engaged in a heated argument, their voices growing louder as their disagreement escalated. Frustrated and filled with anger, Ashish stormed away from the scene, leaving the rest of the family bewildered by the sudden tension.

Attempting to make sense of the situation, Sona approached Nandini and asked, “Why are you trying to spoil your own married life?” Realizing the impact her actions could have on her own happiness, Nandini made a decision that would further complicate matters – she resolved to ruin Maitree’s mehendi ceremony.

As the festivities of Maitree’s mehendi ceremony commenced, Ashish and Nandini made their way to the event. Surprised by Nandini’s presence, Maitree addressed her, saying, “I didn’t expect you to come.” Nandini responded with a mix of emotions, “You may have been responsible for the changes in my life, but I feel compelled to be a part of your life events as well.” Maitree observed her silently as Nandini proceeded to apply mehendi on her hand.

Harsh began dancing, and his infectious energy compelled Maitree to join him. As they swayed to the music, completely engrossed in each other, the crowd erupted in applause, appreciating their enchanting performance. Just as Sachin was about to announce the next act, Nandini’s voice cut through the air, signaling that it was time for her and Ashish to take the stage. However, an underlying hint of sadness lingered in Nandini’s eyes.

Meanwhile, in the comfort of their home, Sona, Kusum, and Om gathered together, carefully selecting and preparing wedding gifts for Maitree. They excitedly made plans to attend her upcoming marriage, their hearts brimming with joy for their dear friend. On the other side, Nandini found herself in a conversation with Harsh’s mother, engaging in a deep discussion. As Maitree caught a glimpse of Nandini talking to Kamna, curiosity sparked within her, leaving her wondering about the nature of their conversation.

Nandini voiced her thoughts to Kamna, praising her for being brave enough to accept Maitree, whom she considered inauspicious, as their future daughter-in-law. Kamna swiftly rebuked Nandini’s words, firmly asserting her belief that Maitree would bring good fortune to their family.

Later, a mischievous smile danced upon Nandini’s face as she surveyed the photographs she held. She relished the idea of using these snapshots to tarnish Maitree’s image. Just then, Ashish entered the room, unknowingly becoming a part of Nandini’s plan. With an air of secrecy, Nandini expressed her desire to disclose a secret to him. However, Ashish, sensing the ulterior motive behind her words, refused to lend an ear. Undeterred, Nandini urged Ashish to look at the photos she had obtained, leaving him stunned and bewildered. In disbelief, he questioned her about their origin, to which Nandini confidently revealed that she had acquired them through her sources.

[Episode End]

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