Maitree 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Lady and her daughter gently sprinkling water on Maitree’s face, causing her to regain consciousness. As Maitree regains awareness, she notices that Harsh and Sona have fallen unconscious. Urgently, she requests Lady and her daughter to take care of Harsh and Sona while she tries to find help. However, to her dismay, no one offers assistance when she seeks help in lifting them.

In the midst of this situation, Maitree receives a call from the doctor, who inquires about her whereabouts. Maitree informs the doctor that they were involved in an accident and are en route to the hospital. The doctor’s response is disheartening, stating that valuable time has been lost, making it uncertain whether they can save Harsh or not. Maitree is shocked by the doctor’s words.

Meanwhile, Ashish consoles Nandini and attempts to control the fire, seeking a means of escape from the room they are trapped in. In her distress, Maitree expresses her belief that Lord Rama will save her husband. The young girl reassures Maitree, telling her not to worry, and assures her that nothing will happen to her husband since Maitree had saved them. Maitree embraces the young girl gratefully.

Nandini apologizes to Ashish for misunderstanding him, but Ashish indicates that now is not the time to discuss it and suggests they focus on finding a way to escape. Kamna observes Nandini and Ashish’s struggles and harbors sinister thoughts, believing that Maitree may be safe, but her friends are destined to perish.

An ambulance appears on the road where Maitree had the accident, and Maitree hastily boards it, heading towards Harsh Hospital. Kamna vows to bring ruin upon everyone. Ashish embraces Nandini, assuring her that he will find peace even if something happens to him. Confused, Nandini questions why he is speaking in such a manner. Ashish covers her with a quilt and pushes her out of the room. Nandini weeps for Ashish, feeling helpless. Ashish reminisces about the moments he shared with his wife and son and waves a final goodbye to Nandini as she cries uncontrollably.

At the hospital, Maitree pleaded with the doctor to save her husband, Harsh. Agreeing to her request, the doctor swiftly rushed Harsh to the operating theater. Overwhelmed with worry, Maitree fervently prayed to Ram Ji for her husband’s well-being. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged from the theater and delivered the heartbreaking news to Maitree that they were unable to save Harsh. In her despair, Maitree expressed her belief that this outcome was not just her defeat, but also a defeat for God. Despite her sorrow, she took solace in performing an Aarti, gently lighting a Diya in her trembling hand.

However, a ray of hope emerged as Harsh miraculously regained his pulse, catching the attention of the vigilant nurse who promptly informed the doctor. Astonished by this unexpected turn of events, the doctor rushed back to treat Harsh, acknowledging the miracle that had just occurred. Later, the doctor approached Maitree, delivering the relieving news that her husband was now out of danger. Overwhelmed with relief and joy, Maitree hurriedly made her way to her husband’s room. As their eyes met, Harsh expressed his gratitude to Maitree, and in an unexpected twist, he pleaded with her not to punish his mother, Kamna. He revealed that Kamna had lost her son in her misguided attempt to harm him. Moved by Harsh’s plea, Maitree agreed to his request, embracing forgiveness.

Just as the situation began to settle, Sona called out to Maitree, urging her to come outside. Curiosity piqued, Maitree complied and discovered a distressing scene upon her arrival. Kamna was holding Nandini hostage, issuing a stern warning to Maitree not to take another step, threatening to harm her friend. Perplexed by Kamna’s actions, Maitree questioned her motives. Kamna explained that Maitree had turned her own son against her, squandering the years of effort she had invested. However, Maitree calmly reminded Kamna that her actions had resulted in the irreparable loss of her son, as he would never look upon her face again. Stunned by this revelation, Kamna experienced a mix of shock and relief, knowing that Harsh was safe. Seizing the opportunity, Maitree swiftly untied Nandini, who tearfully pleaded for Maitree’s help in rescuing Ashish.

Suddenly, an explosion echoed through the air, causing both Maitree and Nandini to cry out in anguish for Ashish, their hearts heavy with worry and despair.

[Episode End]

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