Maitree 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Sona providing encouragement and expressing her support for Maitree in her battle against Kamna. Sona urges Maitree to employ any means necessary to emerge victorious. To illustrate her point, Maitree draws an example from the epic Mahabharata. Maitree declares her determination to fight this battle in order to protect her husband, her family, and her honor. Grateful for Sona’s assistance, Maitree accepts her help in the fight against Kamna.

In the morning, Maitree wakes up Harsh, who is still feeling sleepy. Maitree tries to rouse Harsh in a romantic manner, but he wakes up to the realization that it was just a dream. Harsh recalls the events and comprehends that he had locked the door from the inside, leaving Maitree outside the room all night.

Nandini playfully sprinkles water on Maitree’s face and taunts her for sleeping outside her own room throughout the night. Nandini compares Maitree to a dustbin and labels her shameless for not leaving Tiwari Sadhan. Maitree reprimands Nandini and demands that she keep her mouth shut. Nandini mocks Maitree for disregarding her marital advice. As Harsh opens the door, Nandini wishes him a good morning and instructs Maitree to enter the room before it’s closed, before leaving.

Maitree approaches Harsh, expressing her desire to have a conversation with him. In response, Harsh reveals that he also needs to talk to her. However, he suggests maintaining a certain distance between them. Maitree disagrees, stating that distance is not healthy in any relationship. Harsh acknowledges her perspective and offers to make arrangements in another room for himself. He excuses himself to freshen up. Meanwhile, Kamna arrives and begins packing Harsh’s belongings. Confused, Maitree questions Kamna’s actions. Kamna coldly states that she intends to separate Maitree and Harsh permanently. Maitree resolutely asserts that Kamna cannot succeed and promises to uphold her husband’s trust.

Suddenly, Sona panics and shouts about a fire. Startled, everyone rushes outside. Nandini consoles Sona and inquires about what happened. Through sign language, Sona conveys to Maitree and Nandini that she had a dream about a fire breakout in their home. Madan interprets it as a bad omen. Determined to find a solution, Sona decides to consult a Pandit and requests Nandini to accompany her for the puja.

Later, Sona performs a Havan puja. Madan and Kamna join them and question why other Pandits were called when Madan himself is present. Sona brushes off their comment and invites them to participate in the Havan. As the puja concludes, the Pandit announces the presence of malevolent energy in the house and promises to reveal the culprit. The shocking revelation comes when the Pandit points out Maitree as the sinner, claiming that her presence jeopardizes everyone’s safety. Maitree pleads with Sona not to believe the Pandit’s words, but Sona cruelly blames her for the misfortune, linking her marriage to her son’s death. Heartbroken, Maitree runs away in tears. Meanwhile, Nandini and Kamna privately discuss Sona’s manipulation of the situation.

Later on, Sona notices Harsh’s presence and mistreats Maitree, labeling her as unlucky. Sona forbids Maitree from entering the kitchen and the puja room. Witnessing the injustice, Harsh intervenes and takes a stand for Maitree, asserting her right to enter any part of the house she desires.

[Episode End]

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