Maitree 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Maitree confronting Kamna about her intentions to manipulate her son, Harsh. Determined, Maitree asserts her refusal to let that happen. In response, Kamna questions Maitree’s plan to disclose the truth to Harsh. Without hesitation, Maitree affirms her decision. Unperturbed, Kamna confidently declares that her son will not lend an ear to anything against her, not even divine intervention can sway Harsh’s loyalty. Maitree, undeterred, vows to make Harsh aware of the truth. Unfazed by Maitree’s resolve, Kamna challenges her to attempt it.

Maitree contemplates Kamna’s audacious words, anxiously awaiting Harsh’s return. Ashish arrives home and notices Maitree’s troubled expression. Concerned, he inquires about her state. Concealing her worries, Maitree assures Ashish that everything is fine. Curious, Ashish questions her presence outside and Maitree explains that she is waiting for Harsh. Just then, Harsh arrives home, and Ashish departs from the scene. Seizing the moment, Maitree ushers Harsh inside and reveals the shocking truth. She discloses Kamna’s culpability in the theft of Sona’s jewelry and shares her evidence: a recorded video featuring Nandish. Harsh erupts in anger, abruptly cutting Maitree off, demanding that she cease fabricating stories. Determined to address the matter, Maitree firmly closes the door, prompting Harsh to question her intentions and suggest involving everyone present to hear the truth.

Maitree assures Harsh that everything she is saying is true, emphasizing her honesty. However, Harsh suspects her of conspiring against his mother by aligning herself with the Tiwari family. Maitree reaffirms her commitment to Harsh and his family, urging him never to doubt her. She insists that she personally witnessed the incriminating video. Unwavering, Harsh declares that he will not believe anyone’s words against his mother. Unbeknownst to them, Sona overhears their conversation and smiles, seemingly intrigued by the situation.

The following day, Sona joyfully performs a puja, ringing the bell with enthusiasm. Gathered near the room, everyone pays attention to the proceedings. Sona expresses her gratitude to Maitree for being present and hints at her imminent arrival. She offers prasad to Maitree and encourages her not to let lies prevail. Perplexed, Maitree admits she doesn’t understand. Sona reveals that she overheard Maitree’s argument with Harsh and claims to have learned the truth Maitree is trying to conceal. Sona urges Maitree to share what she saw on the mobile and expose Kamna in front of everyone. The revelation shocks the gathered crowd.

Sona implores Maitree to let her honesty prevail. Placing Maitree’s hand on Harsh’s head, she beseeches her to reveal the truth. Maitree agrees and discloses that it was Kamna who stole the jewelry, an act she witnessed through a video on Nandish’s phone. Harsh staunchly supports his mother and demands proof from Maitree to substantiate her claims. Maitree states that Nandini is the witness and further accuses her of deleting the incriminating video. Ashish questions Nandini’s actions, prompting her to ask how he could doubt her based on Maitree’s words. She questions why she would delete a video that favors their family. Maitree insists that Nandini stop lying. Nandini implores Ashish to choose whom he will support. Harsh implores Sona to stop spreading rumors about his mother, but Sona rebukes him. Maitree requests Harsh not to argue, but he expresses his disappointment in his wife for defaming his mother and storms off, followed by the others.

Kamna confronts Maitree, inquiring if she obtained the proof she sought. She mocks Maitree’s continued pursuit of exposing her misdeeds. Kamna then meets Harsh and narrates how Maitree has broken her heart, resorting to emotional manipulation. Harsh urges Kamna not to cry, assuring her that he is aware of her true character. Kamna questions Maitree’s motives, wondering if she is siding with the Tiwari family. Harsh remains silent, leaving Kamna to implore him not to ruin his relationship with Maitree for her sake. Harsh admits that Maitree is growing distant from him. Meanwhile, Maitree contemplates exposing Kamna in front of Harsh, determined to reveal the truth.

[Episode End]

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