Maitree 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Maitree grappling with the dilemma of exposing the imposter, Ashish. Suddenly, the fake Ashish cunningly introduces a snake into Maitree’s room, discreetly leaving it behind. Unaware of the presence of the reptile, Maitree continues preparing herself for the upcoming party. Gradually, the snake stealthily inches closer to her, while the imposter snatches her mobile phone, preventing her from seeking assistance. Eventually, Maitree notices the snake and is seized with fear.

Nandhini inquires about Maitree’s whereabouts, prompting her mother-in-law to mention that she is upstairs getting ready. In the midst of the commotion, the imposter Ashish arrives and cranks up the volume of the music, ensuring that his presence remains unheard by anyone else. Nandhini begins dancing, and the crowd joyfully cheers for her. Meanwhile, Harsh, who happens to be searching for Maitree, spots her distressed state as she confronts the snake. Just as Harsh prepares to strike the snake, Maitree intervenes and pleads with him to refrain, instead choosing to offer prayers to the snake, regarding it as a deity. Harsh joins her in the prayer, and miraculously, the snake departs without causing harm. Frustrated, the fake Ashish becomes irritated and abruptly departs from the scene.

Maitree earnestly implores Harsh to believe her when she insists that the person accompanying them is not Ashish. She vividly recalls catching him using drugs and emphasizes that Ashish would never engage in such behavior. She pleads with Harsh to place his trust in her, and he expresses his unwavering faith. Maitree then explains that she needs his support for the next eight hours to expose the imposter posing as Ashish, to which Harsh readily agrees.

After completing her dance performance, Nandhini searches for Ashish, and he appears, applauding her. Maitree joins them and suggests that Ashish should also be acknowledged for organizing such a fantastic party. She apologizes for doubting him and reveals that she planned something to bring joy to the family. Maitree announces her intention to chant the sacred mantra of Sri Ram 5,000 times, and everyone expresses their appreciation. Despite their offers to join her, Maitree insists they enjoy the party instead.

Maitree positions herself before the deity and begins chanting the divine mantra. Meanwhile, Harsh escorts everyone outside, keeping a watchful eye on Ashish, while the guests praise Ashish’s mother for having an exceptional daughter-in-law. Maitree records her voice as evidence and manages to escape through a window. Ashish grows suspicious and attempts to check on her, but Harsh intervenes just in time to stop him.

Maitree proceeds to visit the hospital, determined to obtain information about Ashish and his doctor. However, her access is denied, and she is forbidden from obtaining any details. In the midst of her predicament, Harsh calls Maitree and sternly warns her against pursuing further actions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Maitree took off the garland adorning Saaransh’s picture, prompting his mother to inquire about the reason behind removing the garland from a deceased person’s photo. In response, Maitree questioned the logic of placing a garland around someone who is still alive. She mentioned that Saaransh is alive and revealed that they had found all the necessary information from the hospital.

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