Maitree 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Maitree earnestly praying to God, requesting His protection for Harsh wherever he may be. Suddenly, an unidentified individual wearing a mask launches a surprise attack on Maitree, striking her forcefully from behind. Overwhelmed by the assault, Maitree collapses onto the floor. The assailant, still masked, seizes Maitree and proceeds to transport her to the bathtub, intending to end her life by submerging her in the water-filled tub.

Meanwhile, some time earlier, Nandini receives a phone call that leaves her utterly shocked. Reacting swiftly, Nandini urgently summons the family members to gather in the living room. In a tense and anxious tone, she informs Tiwari’s family that she received a distressing call from Nandish’s school, revealing that he had suffered a fall during playtime. Nandini insists that they all rush to the school immediately. Concerned for Maitree’s well-being, who also attempts to accompany them, Nandini intervenes and explains that the school specifically requested the presence of family members only. Sona, understanding the situation, advises Maitree to stay home while the rest of the family departs for the school. As Maitree ponders her next course of action, she decides to contact Harsh and implores him to come home promptly. Regrettably, Harsh fails to answer her call, prompting her to send him a message urging his swift return.

Maitree gently lights a diya in the mandir, her mind filled with prayers for Nandish’s wellbeing. An eerie feeling washes over her as if someone’s eyes are fixed upon her. Turning around swiftly, she searches for the source, but finds no one in sight. Feeling unsettled, Maitree hurriedly sends a message to Harsh, urging him to return home soon.

Meanwhile, Harsh finds himself stuck in traffic as he makes his way to the temple to fetch prasad for his mother. With each passing moment, he becomes increasingly convinced that upon his return, he and Maitree can reconcile their differences. In the midst of his thoughts, Harsh notices a series of missed calls from Maitree and wonders how he failed to hear his phone ring. To his surprise, he discovers that someone has intentionally blocked Maitree’s number on his device. Reading her urgent message, he makes a firm decision to head back home without delay.

At the school, Tiwari’s family is relieved to find Nandish perfectly fine. Nandini and Sona discuss the mysterious prank call they received, pondering over the identity of the perpetrator. Unbeknownst to them, a masked individual lurks nearby, releasing gas and attempting to silence Maitree by submerging her unconscious body in the bathtub.

As Harsh finally arrives home, he is met with a sight that fills him with alarm. Smoke engulfs the air, and his instincts drive him to forcefully break down the bathroom door. In a race against time, he rescues Maitree from the drowning waters. His fury takes hold as he apprehends the masked assailant, demanding answers regarding the person responsible for ordering his wife’s murder.

Just as the Tiwari family returns home, their ears catch the sounds emanating from the upper floor. Harsh removes the mask from the assailant’s face, only to be confronted with a shocking revelation—it’s his own mother, the one who tried to end Maitree’s life.

Standing united, the Tiwari family rallies behind Maitree, their support unwavering. Harsh confronts his mother, seeking an explanation for her murderous actions. With a heavy heart, he questions Kamna about her betrayal. Silence hangs in the air as Kamna avoids answering his accusations. Harsh turns to Maitree, urging her to unveil the truth behind Kamna’s motives, determined to learn the depths of his mother’s deception. Maitree reveals the true face of Kamna, recounting the relentless torment she endured at her hands. With a resolute tone, Maitree proclaims that she had hoped Kamna would change, but today, she has lost everything, including her own son. Kamna’s plea for Maitree to cease speaking falls on deaf ears.

[Episode End]

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