Maitree 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Maitree engaged in a phone call, informing Sona that the time has come to utilize their final weapon. Harsh, meanwhile, contemplates Maitree enduring insults. The following day, Sona assigns Maitree the task of preparing food for the Pandits, forbidding her from consuming any food or water herself. Witnessing Sona’s torment of Maitree, everyone becomes aware of the harsh treatment she is enduring. Harsh offers his assistance to Maitree, but she declines, stating that she does not require his help. Harsh reluctantly keeps his distance. Later, Maitree and Sona discuss Harsh’s puzzling silence and lack of intervention. Sona warns Maitree to be cautious and maliciously sets fire to the pallu of her saree, exclaiming “fire!” Nandini and Kamna derive pleasure from the spectacle and discuss their satisfaction if Maitree were to perish in the fire.

Fortunately, Harsh comes to Maitree’s rescue, saving her from harm. However, Maitree suddenly feels lightheaded and loses consciousness. In a state of panic, Harsh cradles Maitree, urgently requesting water. Om rushes to fetch water while Harsh reassures Maitree that he cannot bear the thought of anything happening to her and vows to protect her at all costs. Carrying her in his arms, he carries her to her room, leaving Sona content with the turn of events. Observing Sona’s reaction, Kamna comprehends that the entire episode was a scheme devised by Sona and Maitree to transform Harsh. As Harsh gently lays Maitree down on the bed, he searches for a first aid kit. Kamna enters the room and divulges to Harsh that Maitree’s unconsciousness is all part of her and Sona’s plan. Unwilling to believe Kamna’s claims, Harsh dismisses her and instructs her to leave the room. Meanwhile, Sona fervently prays for divine intervention to reunite Harsh and Maitree.

Harsh gently applies ointment to Maitree’s burn, hoping to ease her pain. As Maitree awakens, she notices Harsh’s injured hand and insists on returning the favor, applying the soothing ointment to his wound. Curious about his reckless actions, she questions why he took such a risk. Harsh earnestly replies, expressing the depth of his feelings for her. However, unbeknownst to him, Maitree suspects that she is only playing a part in his life to reveal the true nature of his mother.

Meanwhile, Kamna confides in Nandini, suggesting that Sona and Maitree have conspired together to change Harsh. Nandini, having previously warned Kamna not to underestimate Maitree, acknowledges her concerns. Kamna declares that Maitree will not be able to escape her upcoming plan. Nandini, realizing that her own alliance with Kamna might be compromised if Sona joins forces with Maitree, decides it’s best to maintain some distance. She wishes Kamna the best of luck with her plan and departs.

Later, Harsh seeks solace with Kamna, seeking comfort by resting his head on her lap. Overwhelmed by his love for Maitree, he expresses his inability to imagine life without her. Kamna seizes the opportunity and secretly manipulates Harsh’s phone, taking some unknown action without his knowledge. Harsh then apologizes to his mother for the pain he has caused her. Kamna, disguising her anger, assures him of her pride and claims to hold no grudges. Grateful for her understanding, Harsh expresses his gratitude. Kamna proceeds to ask if he would give her anything she desires, to which Harsh readily agrees.

The following day, Nandini receives an unexpected phone call that leaves her in a state of shock upon answering.

[Episode End]

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