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Maitree 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sona pleading with Maitree to make her husband understand her warning, or else she will be forced to wear a white saree again. Maitree is taken aback by the request. Harsh intervenes and firmly holds Maitree’s hand, leading her away from the scene. Standing near the car, Maitree stops Harsh and questions him about the situation. Nandini wonders aloud how Maitree and her husband can stay at their place. Ashish blames Nandini for the situation, claiming that they would have left for Varanasi after the marriage if it weren’t for her. Sona defends Nandini and accuses Maitree of plotting the whole scheme. Om asks what they should do if Maitree and her husband actually come to their place. Ashish dismisses the idea, stating that Harsh only mentioned it in anger. Sona insists that Harsh will indeed come, as he is the son of that Bengalian. Suddenly, the weather undergoes a sudden change.

Harsh starts the car and instructs Maitree to get in. Maitree expresses her desire to talk, but Harsh pays no attention. Reluctantly, Maitree takes her seat in the car. Harsh drives at a high speed, completely disregarding Maitree’s attempts to communicate. In a moment of panic, Maitree takes hold of the steering wheel when she notices children standing in front of their car. Harsh slams on the brakes, bringing the vehicle to a stop. Maitree pleads with Harsh, urging him not to make impulsive decisions and reminding him that he is not in the right state of mind. Harsh insists that he has changed.

Sadhna offers comfort to Kamna as she consoles her. Madan expresses his belief that Sona will never change and suggests to Sadhna that they should return to their own home once all the rituals are completed. Concerned about Maitree, Sadhna shares her worries with the others. Dinesh reassures Sadhna, saying that Harsh will take care of Maitree. In a firm tone, Harsh informs Maitree that his decision is final and that he will return to Triveni Sadan the following day at 9 am. Sona announces to her family members that she will not allow Harsh to enter Triveni Sadan.

Feeling betrayed, Maitree questions Harsh about how he could break his promise to her. Harsh explains that he cannot tolerate the insults directed at his mother, and he intends to teach Sona a lesson. He tells Maitree that if she doesn’t support his decision, she should stay at her parents’ place. He then leaves, leaving Maitree feeling helpless and in tears.

Nandini fears that if Maitree returns to Ashish’s house, she will snatch her son and gain control over the household. With this in mind, Nandini decides to manipulate Sona into preventing Maitree from entering Triveni Sadan.

Harsh arrived home, and immediately, he was bombarded with questions about Maitree’s whereabouts. In response, he turned to Kamna and instructed her to pack their bags, revealing that they were leaving. Addressing Madan, Harsh clarified that they were not heading back home but rather to Triveni Sadan. He added that the following day at 9:05 AM would mark their Gruh Pravesh into Triveni Sadan. The announcement left everyone shocked and bewildered.

Meanwhile, Maitree returned home, and Sadhna wasted no time in interrogating her about Harsh’s sudden decision. Maitree explained that Harsh had given her the option to stay with her parents if she couldn’t accompany him to Triveni Sadan. This revelation overwhelmed Sadhna, and she succumbed to stress, losing consciousness. Dinesh promptly called the doctor for assistance, while Sona contacted her nephew, requesting him and his team to come to her place the next day.

After examining Sadhna, the doctor diagnosed her condition as a panic attack. Sona proceeded to perform a puja at home, much to Ashish’s confusion about the unusual timing. Sona justified her actions, emphasizing their necessity, and urged Ashish to obtain anticipatory bail on her behalf. Ashish reassured her, stating that Harsh wouldn’t come to their place, so there was no need to worry. Sona expressed her doubts about Harsh’s character, questioning Ashish whether he supported his family or outsiders. Nandini intervened, assuring Sona that Ashish would stand by her. Ashish exchanged glances with Nandini, his emotions unspoken.

In the midst of the chaos, Harsh took on the responsibility of massaging Sadhna’s feet, attempting to alleviate her stress. Sadhna regained consciousness, and Harsh reassured her not to worry about his decision, promising to take care of Maitree. Maitree echoed his sentiments, affirming that she would stay with Harsh at Triveni Sadan to ensure her well-being.

[Episode End]

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