Maitree 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Maitree 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Kamna urging Harsh to make a solemn promise to always trust her. Maitree intervenes, advising Harsh against doing so. However, Harsh disregards Maitree’s advice and swears on Kamna, vowing to never doubt her. He even goes as far as declaring that if he ever suspects Kamna, it would only be in his lifeless state. Curious, Nandini questions Maitree about who is involved in this conspiracy. Maitree cryptically responds that Nandini already knows the answer. Nonetheless, Nandini persists, pressing Maitree for a clearer response.

At this point, Ashish steps forward, proclaiming that he stands by Maitree. He accuses Kamna of being deceitful and passionately defends Maitree. Harsh confronts Ashish, expressing his disbelief at the audacity of spreading such falsehoods. Ashish retorts, asserting that Kamna is manipulating Harsh. Tensions rise as Harsh grabs Ashish by the collar, prompting Ashish to retaliate with a slap. Harsh and Ashish engage in a heated confrontation, gripping each other’s collars tightly. The Tiwari family swiftly intervenes, separating the two men.

Nandini advises Ashish to refrain from interfering in other people’s matters. Maitree reprimands Ashish, stating that it is inappropriate to resort to violence against Harsh. Nandini comes to Ashish’s defense, arguing on his behalf. Kamna warns Ashish never to lay a hand on Harsh again. Nandini apologizes to Kamna on behalf of Ashish. Sona, amused by the spectacle, sarcastically applauds the family’s dramatic performance. She remarks that if the head of the household abandons his responsibilities and flees, such chaos befalls the household. Harsh storms off, leaving the scene. Shortly after, Nandish arrives and informs Maitree that he has returned from school. Maitree instructs Nandish to freshen up.

Kusum warns Ashish not to interfere in Maitree’s family matter any further, and Ashish remains silent. At that moment, Nandish arrives, and Kusum guides Ashish’s hand onto Nandish’s head, urging him not to involve himself in Maitree’s issues. Reluctantly, Ashish agrees.

Desperate for help, Maitree tries to reach Harsh by calling him repeatedly, but he ignores her calls. She turns to prayer, seeking divine support to resolve her problems. Meanwhile, Kamna questions Madan about why he didn’t confront Ashish. Madan responds that he is not a wrestler and cannot engage in physical fights with Ashish. Determined, Kamna promises to seek justice for herself and her son.

Despite her efforts, Maitree fails to establish contact with Harsh. Eventually, she spots Harsh returning home, but he locks himself in his room, avoiding any interaction with her. Maitree knocks on the door, pleading with him to open it, but her pleas go unanswered. Kamna appears on the scene, taking Maitree away with her. Confused, Maitree questions why she has been brought outside. Kamna coldly threatens her, implying that Harsh’s life is at stake without her support, before leaving abruptly.

Maitree reflects on the lack of trust she faces from everyone around her. Sona intervenes, placing her hand on Maitree’s shoulder and guiding her to her room. Sona empathizes with Maitree’s pain and assures her that she won’t allow Kamna to destroy the harmony of the Tiwari household. Sona acknowledges Maitree’s innocence, stating that her son’s death was a result of his own drug addiction, not because of Maitree. Overwhelmed with emotions, Maitree embraces Sona, while Sona offers a sincere apology. She expresses her desire to protect Maitree from becoming a widow again.

[Episode End]

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