Junooniyatt 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Amardeep engaging in a video call with Jahan’s parents. He expresses his admiration for them, acknowledging their role in raising Jahan so well. Dolly, in turn, confides in him that she considers Ilahi as her own daughter and expresses her desire to witness Ilahi and Jahan’s marriage at the earliest. Amardeep shares his joy with them, finding solace in Ilahi’s comforting presence. Baljeet inquires whether Amardeep has made all the necessary arrangements for their engagement, to which Amardeep nods affirmatively. Jahan grins at Ilahi while Dolly hints at a surprise in store. Dharmendra and Husna make their entrance with gifts, leaving Biji and Ginni disappointed. Jahan warmly embraces Dharmendra, while Husna presents the gifts. Dolly reveals that the gifts are from her side, prompting Biji to feign happiness and urge them to commence the engagement. Ginni questions Happy about her perplexed demeanor.

Husna gracefully places a veil on Ilahi’s head, marking the commencement of the engagement rituals. Jahan and Ilahi steal glances at each other, their affection palpable. Biji performs the arathi ritual and feeds them sweets. Jahan and Ilahi seek the blessings of their elders, with Dharmendra playfully insisting they receive his blessings as well. He congratulates them with a warm embrace, and Husna joins in the teasing. Jahan presents his guitar to Ilahi, expressing that it is the most precious gift he can offer. Ilahi acknowledges that their shared passion for music binds them together. Biji invites the priest inside, prompting Amardeep to question her about his presence. Biji discloses that she invited him to seek his opinion on the matter since the engagement has concluded. Ginni suggests promptly arranging their wedding after consulting with the priest. Baljeet reminds them that Jahan’s career is yet to be settled. Amardeep empathizes with Baljeet’s concerns, understanding the gravity of the situation. Biji urges the priest to examine their horoscopes. At that moment, Jordan arrives, suspecting that Mahi sent the priest to sabotage the wedding. A sinister smirk appears on his face. The priest reveals a troubling revelation – there is an issue with their horoscopes, and they cannot marry for the next five years. If they defy this prediction, someone’s life will be in peril.

Dolly requests the priest to recheck their horoscope, emphasizing the significance of waiting for five long years. Worried about this lengthy period, she implores the priest to find a solution to the problem. Biji recalls Mahi mentioning that she would send a priest who would fulfill their requests. To their relief, the priest informs them that there is indeed a solution – they must get married within three days. The unexpected announcement leaves everyone in shock. Amardeep and Biji inquire about how it would be possible to arrange a wedding in such a short timeframe. Dolly points out the impossibility of reaching India within three days. Biji asserts that they must make all the necessary arrangements for the wedding in this limited time. The suddenness of the dates leaves everyone bewildered. The priest insists that they must organize the wedding in three days or wait for five years. Meanwhile, Biji questions Mahi about why she instructed the priest to mention the three-day deadline, as it has disrupted their plans. Mahi explains that the priest merely acted upon her instructions and that whether Ilahi gets married in three days or three months is irrelevant. On the wedding day, Jordan will go there with the wedding procession. Biji asks if Jordan is going to marry Ilahi within three days, to which she nods in agreement.

Concerned about reaching their destination within the tight timeline, Dolly asks Jahan how they will manage it in three days. Dharmendra informs her that he knows a travel agent who can take care of everything. Later, Jahan confides in Ilahi about his worries. Ilahi assures him that she doesn’t need wealth or social status, only Jahan’s love. He expresses concern about their upcoming exams and competitions and how they will handle them while preparing for the wedding. Ilahi consoles him, and Jahan expresses gratitude for having her in his life. They cherish their time together, enjoying each other’s company. In the midst of all this, Jordan becomes consumed with anger. Determined to halt the wedding, he notices Jahan repairing a bicycle and decides to use a jeep to harm him, believing that this will put an end to Jahan’s interference in Ilahi and his relationship.

[Episode End]

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