Junooniyatt 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Ilahi gracefully descending the stairs, reminiscing about how she had changed her dress to suit her comfort. Her relatives and guests are in awe of Ilahi’s beauty, with Jordan’s friend even complimenting her. Jordan proudly announces that she is his sister-in-law (bhabi) and reveals that he had given her a makeover. Extending his hand to her, Jordan gestures warmly. Ginni and Biji join in, praising Ilahi’s stunning appearance, while Rasika can’t help but feel envious. Jordan’s memory resurfaces, recalling the moment Ilahi had slapped him.

Ilahi greets everyone as she enters the room, and Diljhot calls Siraat to inquire about her whereabouts. Siraat informs her that she is on her way and mentions meeting Dolly’s aunt before returning home. Diljhot asks her to make sure she meets Dolly’s aunt and Siraat assures her that she will. Arriving at the hospital, Siraat notices everyone’s curious glances directed at her. Meanwhile, Jahan is busy handing over a list at the canteen when Siraat becomes irritated upon seeing the long line. She impulsively snatches the phone from Jahan, leading to a confrontation between them.

In the meantime, Mahi requests Ilahi to greet her relatives, and both Biji and Ginni embrace Ilahi and Mahi warmly. Jordan seeks their blessings, while Husna hugs Ilahi and takes Nazar from her. Mahi then escorts Ilahi away to greet the remaining guests.

Jahan questions why Siraat is causing him trouble, to which she clarifies that she isn’t arguing with him yet. Jahan mentions being on an important call, but Siraat insists that she is there to visit a patient. Oblivious to the long line, Jahan remains absorbed in his conversation. Siraat pays the necessary amount and snatches the apple juice from him, leaving Jahan complaining about her actions. Later, Mahi introduces her friends to Ilahi, and they inquire from Jordan how he found her. They wonder if he met her during a competition and even suggest that he married her secretly due to fear of losing her to someone else. Jordan’s anger flares upon hearing such remarks. Simultaneously, Jahan discusses with Baljeet his inability to purchase apple juice, and Sirat appears, announcing that she brought the apple juice. Jahan questions her presence, leading to a spirited argument between them. Baljeet introduces Sirat to Jahan before excusing himself, while Sirat teasingly questions Jahan if he is genuinely Baljeet’s son, considering his rude behavior. Baljeet finds the situation amusing and bursts into laughter.

Tina makes an announcement about a couple dance performance, inviting Jordan and Ilahi to showcase their dancing skills in front of everyone. Rasika voices her concern, questioning Tina’s decision and expressing worry that Ilahi doesn’t know how to dance, which could potentially ruin their reputation. Rasika contemplates intervening, but Mahi reassures her that Jordan will handle the situation. Ilahi confides in Jordan, expressing her uncertainty about dancing in her dress and heels, fearing that she might stumble and fall. Jordan responds playfully, saying that he also desires such a mishap, wanting to enjoy the spectacle of Ilahi falling in front of everyone. Despite Ilahi’s reservations, they proceed to dance together in front of their relatives.

During the performance, Ilahi’s imagination takes hold as she envisions Jahan standing before her, presenting a rose and engaging in a romantic encounter. However, reality quickly reasserts itself with the applause from the audience, bringing Ilahi back to the present moment. Feeling overwhelmed, she walks away from the gathering, seeking solace elsewhere. To worsen matters, Rasika deliberately places her foot on Ilahi’s dupatta, causing it to tear and intensifying Ilahi’s humiliation in front of everyone. Jordan smirks at her, relishing the opportunity for Ilahi to experience the sting of public humiliation.

Meanwhile, Jahan meets Siraat and pays her money, explaining that his mother had helped Siraat’s parents significantly, prompting him to return the favor. Siraat questions his consistently brusque behavior, and memories of Ilahi flood Jahan’s mind, causing him to break down in tears. Siraat points out that she is unpredictable and had simply asked to be friends. Jahan’s recollection of Ilahi’s wedding intensifies his emotional distress.

Ilahi’s relatives question her fashion sense, implying that if she lacks it, she shouldn’t bother dressing up. Ginni raises concerns about their reputation, reflecting on the moments when Jahan rescued her from similar situations. Jordan, overhearing their conversation, offers Ilahi his coat and catches her mention of Jahan’s name. He considers the idea that he will remain in her thoughts since he is her life.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahi will present Ilahi as her daughter-in-law to the MLA. However, Ilahi suddenly experiences a nauseous sensation, making her feel like vomiting. Sensing her discomfort, Rasika promptly intervenes and quickly moves Ilahi away. Unfortunately, despite Rasika’s efforts, Ilahi ends up vomiting, accidentally targeting the MLA in the process.

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