Imlie 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Imlie 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Kairi urgently calling for Imlie. Imlie arrives, revealing her true appearance, much to Kairi’s surprise. Puzzled, Kairi questions why Imlie and Paty are not meeting each other simultaneously. Chini enters the scene with a househelp and advises Kairi to leave with him. Intrigued, Imlie asks Chini why she seems insecure. Chini responds by reminding Imlie that she is Kairi’s mother and questions why Imlie is not leaving them alone. In response, Imlie explains that Kairi needs her presence and support, which is why she is there. Imlie accuses Chini of coming between her and Arto when they got married, highlighting how Chini took Arto away from her for five years. Chini asserts that Arto never truly belonged to Imlie and claims that destiny united her and Arto. Chini advises Imlie to seek happiness elsewhere. Imlie counters by asking Chini how long Arto has been absent if she is so deeply in love with him. Assuming it may have been two hours, Chini is taken aback when Imlie reveals that it has been precisely five hours since Arto left and has not yet returned home. Imlie ridicules Chini’s professed love for Arto. Determined not to let Imlie take Arto away from her, Chini resolves to protect her relationship. Meanwhile, Rana’s family grows worried about Arto, and Devika becomes anxious, fearing that Arto has once again abandoned his family. Shivani advises Devika to remain calm. In the midst of the chaos, Imlie approaches Dhairya and requests him to call Arto to inquire about his whereabouts. Dhairya agrees to help. At the same time, Reyansh arrives at Rana House accompanied by Mr. Mehta. He informs the family that Arto left the studio after a meeting for some wedding shopping but never returned.

Devika is gripped by panic, her anxiety intensifying as Reyansh’s actions play out in her mind. She recalls the moment when Arto was presented with a tempting offer and hastily signed the accompanying documents. Reyansh, driven by his relentless ambition, took advantage of the situation by rendering Arto unconscious. He then unleashed his fury upon Mr. Mehta, berating him for granting Arto such an opportunity. Reyansh firmly believed that he, and only he, held dominion over the DJ industry, ensuring that Arto would never usurp his throne.

Mr. Mehta, startled by the unfolding chaos, contemplated involving the police. However, Reyansh cunningly blackmailed him, exposing his illicit involvement in the drug business. The flashback ends, and Reyansh departs from Rana House, leaving Mr. Mehta with a chilling ultimatum: Arto’s safety hinges upon the successful conclusion of the upcoming concert. Reyansh intends to assume Arto’s place on stage, holding him hostage until then.

As they settle into the confines of their car, Imlie’s intuition prickles, sensing that Reyansh is concealing something significant. Determined to uncover the truth, she approaches him and inquires about the moment when Arto departed from his studio.

Reyansh’s expression transforms into one of shock as he locks eyes with Imlie. He delivers a bewildering response, evading the question by claiming an inability to recall the precise timing of Arto’s departure. Sensing an opportunity, Imlie notices the car trunk slightly ajar and decides to investigate. However, Reyansh cunningly diverts her attention by displaying musical instruments stored within the trunk.

Meanwhile, Rudra takes swift action, contacting the authorities to inform them of the unfolding situation. Imlie, attempting to console the distraught Devika, is beseeched by Devika herself not to intervene on Arto’s behalf, citing past incidents where Imlie’s involvement led to disastrous outcomes. Imlie acknowledges her culpability in those events, yet Rudra and Shivani staunchly defend her, siding against Devika. In a fit of frustration, Devika laments that they fail to recognize the gravity of the situation: Arto, her own son, is missing, and their concern lies solely with Imlie.

Amidst the turmoil, Kairi turns to Imlie, seeking answers about Arto’s expected return. Imlie, determined to locate Arto alongside Kairi, reassures her that they will embark on the search together.

[Episode End]

Precap : Reyansh cunningly ensnares Imlie and Kairi as they embark on their quest to locate Arto. A surge of astonishment courses through Imlie as she realizes the trap she has fallen into.

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